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Golden Opportunities for Pakistanis in Human Capital Export

We in Pakistan are more tuned to popular TV channels and routine newspapers to get the better idea of the world. Unfortunately internet is not being used for information gathering; rather it is being used for entertainment only.

The biggest problem of our majority of population is their lack of knowledge about ways of changing lives and raising standard of living. Having mobile phone, grabbing credit card and buying an automobile is not about raising life standard, it actually bring more trouble if your income is not rising.

Education is the key factor behind raising income and eventually raising standard of living. Whether academic or technical, both types of education are beneficial in grabbing secure jobs not only in Pakistan but abroad as well.

Pakistan must realize that it has one of the largest and most talented human capitals in the world. We have rich resources in terms of educated and technically sound individuals. Unfortunately due to recent political and regional events, Pakistanis are very disappointed and uncertain about their future. Although Pakistan is in grey area to number of reasons, the human capital growth can bring laurels to Pakistan if we concentrate on global human capital requirements.

As we all know that remittances plays an important role in Pakistan’s economy, we can boost our human capital export to raise remittances level to record high with constant upward trend. After visiting websites of government entities involved in exporting human capital revealed that not many activities are going on. The ground reality is that we have not even realized our potential and not aware of the opportunities lying and upcoming for prepared nations.

The most important opportunities are wide open in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and EU countries where there is steady growth and they are welcoming skilled workforce to keep the pace of their growth. On the websites of these countries there are lists of immediate skill shortage which can be focused to prepare our workforce as per their specifications and demands.

We are not too far away from embarrassing situation in terms of financial crisis. If we don’t act now, our country will be in doldrums. In early seventies, our human capital export to Middle East and gulf brought revolution in Pakistan. The same can be repeated by exporting human capital to countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and EU Countries. Gartner’s recent survey revealed that a very large number of IT professionals, alone are needed worldwide to fill IT skill shortage. Furthermore, even butchers, hairdressers, auto mechanics, welders, construction workers and alike are listed in immediate skill shortage of major countries. These countries are welcoming immigrants and also issuing work permits.

I am very confident that if our nation is prepared according to worldwide demand they can grab most of these opportunities which will benefit Pakistan the most. What we need to do is to mobilize our existing government organizations like Overseas Employment Corporation, NAVTEC, Ministry of Labor and alike to formulate a focused plan to prepare our workforce strictly according to international skills demand. Government’s effort to prepare quality work force will also discourage illegal immigrations as there are lot of legal opportunities available which may help all those who wish to leave Pakistan for good. This will help spread softer image of our country.

In short, Human Capital Export is the best and shortest possible way of making Pakistan a successful and financially sound nation.


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