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Why Khanani and Kalia? A scam or otherwise?

The recent events concerning raids and arrests of key officials of money changers “Khanani & Kalia” raised a lot of questions. In recent past the country faced numerous crisis like sugar, wheat, fertilizer, human trafficking and alike but none of these were addressed the way money changers were handled.

May be the immediate action would have been necessary but the manhandling of tax payers from a decent and peaceful community was really a bad patch in the history of our country. Everyone knows that in recent past government officials, MNAs, army officers and other influential personalities were actively involved in repeated crisis in the country but these alleged were never accused like the money changers who were accused and treated like the alleged ones. The names directly involved in recent crisis were repeated in the media but no such action taken to date.

This is to be noted that the Gujrati/Memon community are the most peaceful and law abiding community contributing positively in the growth and prosperity of the country. The community is widely responsible for huge welfare work in Karachi. Memon community also takes active part in business and made their presence felt in almost all sectors. They are known to have low profile and never ever involved in any wrong doings. The recent event was a big setback to this community and their association and commitment with Pakistan.

This was observed that this community also shifted its investment recently to countries like Bangladesh and South Africa. The recent event will create a wild fire situation and will ignite the trend of moving investment out of the country. This condition will further worsen if the matter is not swiftly resolved. Government should ensure fair trial and equal opportunities for defense. The media should not come to conclusion without waiting for the result of trial.

We as Pakistanis hope that the outcome of this FIA investigation should benefit the country the most.



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  1. This is exactly what happend and i have also said that loud and clear in some blog online.
    we all know that Mr zardari is known as mr 10% and i dont know why but i can feeel it what actually happend to K&K brothers, he asked for his commission (when he ask for his commission he doesnt ask for 10% of profit they making he asks for whateva he see like 15% of 1Bn reserve u got)

    when a theif stay in jail for 6 months, he plans a a bigger crime like car stealin or burgelry, so wat would u expect from our dear president zardari.

    i personally know a chaudhary family from Lahore who took loans from many banks for the huge project of fibre optic in pakistan bu mr zardari asked them for some millions and they couldnt so this man ruined their lives, all of their industries were gone bankrupt, they were known as chaudhry cables etc.

    I dont know why people of Islamic Republic of Pakistan cant see the devil in him and gave him the most prestegious position.

    Comment by Tabraiz Farooq | January 23, 2009 | Reply

  2. Dear friends and fellow pakistanis, I regret to say that I disagree with the two statements above. The investigation was carried out by Interpol and not by the pakistani government or Mr Zardari therefore the case against Mr Kalia has to be believed, dont you think?

    I am in the Foreign Exchange market and I can tell you that I am surprised that it was taken the goverenment so long to bring a case against a broker…there are many leading brokers out there screwing the retail clients. Its actually not the broker’s fault…the regulatory enviorment and lack of technology/information allow these brokers to have the upper hand in any trade. It is hard for me to explain in detail in such short space but for every winner there must be a looser and usually the looser will be the one who has less information. Big brokers have all the information to make the trade work in their favour.

    Second point on memon community; pakistan was created primarily for Muslims and for Muslims of all backgrounds, by the Quaid…in fact, it was to be a secular state allowing equal rights too all religious communinties. Personally I am a big believer in unity and equal rights. Memon community has prospered due to hard work and their bright minds but I am not so sure about business ethics.

    Let me tell you that it was widely believed that the best traders in financial instruments in Pakistan are known to be memons and they have a good reputation to be wise and true to their word. I am not sure if this is the case with my few dealings in the past but this is what is widely believed and I will follow the majority and accecpt this and disregard my personal experience and belief. However, in general business community, I personally have been screwed BIG TIME by a member of a leading memon family. This chap is a haji and says Allah’s name in almost every sentence but he is a thief. Shame.

    Now, my point is that the orignal writer of this blog stated that the memom community is … ” never ever involved in any wrong doings”. My case has proved that this is not the case. However, I am not going to say that all memons are like this. I know they are not. You cannot generalise like this. There are good and bad elements in every community.

    Allah says in the Quran, ” I made you from man and woman, and split you into nations and tribes so that you may learn and not despise each other”. Subhan-allah.

    As for Mr 10%….I have to laugh. I live outside of Pakistan now and it is very embarrassing to explain how a man who was offically decalred to have sever “mental” and health problems can now be sane enough to run a country?

    Our country has gone downhill ever since the great Quaid passed away. It has gone so far down that maybe it needs a crook or a thief to bring it back? In other words, we have tried so many different types of leaders, let’s give this person a chance too…who knows??? I hate to admit this but he’s actually not performing too badly at the moment.

    Aplogise in advance for any offence caused.

    Comment by Atif Khan | August 16, 2009 | Reply

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