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Violence in Karachi

Karachi the biggest and busiest city of Pakistan is currently facing new wave of violence. This is shameful that our law enforcing agencies were unable to predict and avert such incidents. This is repeatedly observed that our law enforcing agencies are reactive not proactive that results in too much losses of life and property. There is no standard operational procedure and our police is under trained, under qualified and under paid as well. The mounting magnitude of corruption is so visible that taking bribes is pride now and they have no hesitation asking money from the citizens.

Unfortunately there is no check and balance. This is visible that the city is heavily paying rangers and police for their protection but they rather acted unprofessionally by staying away from riots and looting. The recent bank robberies, car snatching and drug trafficking clearly indicates that some elements in law enforcing agencies are protecting bad guys.

The rapidly changing situation of our city is alarming for peaceful citizens and open and violent attacks are more than threatening for the future of this city. Pakistan cannot afford to halt activities in Karachi at this stage. This seems visible that Pakistan is under severe attack from outside and inside its border. The recent attempts to calm situation seem very mild as compared to the gravity of situation.

We all need to be extra careful about ourselves and our love ones.


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  1. In the recent riots, Pathan Talibans are not only torturing and murdering Mohajir Men and Women they are also kidnapping and rapping Mohajir Girls

    Here is the video evidence

    Comment by Khaled Faroqi | December 2, 2008 | Reply

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