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Layoffs in IT industry. How to face the challenges.

Being associated with IT industry for almost two decades, I have seen lots of ups and downs and understand the impact of recent crisis on IT industry.

This is very much obvious that the major names of global IT industry will add pepper to the crisis by sparking gigantic layoffs which will become headlines in recent days. These headlines automatically provide justification for smaller companies to slash even the most necessary staff. They will then hire much cheaper staff to sustain the recession period.

When 9/11 happened, the IT industry took a nose dive and the then giants vanished from screen resulting in total halt in IT arena. The impact results in drastically low number of registrations in IT degree education. When the market took positive turn there were not enough graduates to fill the positions. This situation was rewarding for limited number of graduates who demanded handsome salaries and good packages.

Few important things to keep in mind during recession period

1-      Computer professionals who are already working in certain firms should think twice before resigning as very few opportunities are available.

2-      This is also suggested that if companies indicate signs of layoffs one should either try to negotiate on lesser facilities/allowances (not salary), or try to grab additional responsibilities to stay in Jobs. A multidimensional person will be the last to leave as they indirectly save healthy amount for their employers.

3-     This is also visible that most of the IT professionals panic in crisis situation and show signs of worries and depression at workplace which is immediately spotted. They will be the first one to leave in order to avoid wild fire situation in the organization. In order to avoid early layoff try to look confident and compose even if your are melting from inside.

4-     Always maintain good relationship with your management, even if they indicate that you are on top of layoff list. This is observed that during positive period, such individuals are recalled again in the same organization.

5-     Try to swap your priorities instead of staying home but be inside your professional circle. I suggest that you may start writing book, learn more professional skills, start teaching courses in colleges and universities and alike. This will help you keep your ball rolling. When 9/11 happened and software projects were halted, I myself worked as visiting faculty in number of institutions which earned plenty of amount for me which even crossed my usual job time income.

6-     This is also suggested to start your own website with big new idea and try to flourish in during layoff period. Nowadays site are good source of revenue as different companies offer ad packages.

7-     Try to encourage yourself and your peers and come out of stress.

I hope my suggestions will help most of us face this dark period.

Best of Luck







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