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Religious processions and high attendance ceremonies should be banned for now in Pakistan for the safety of citizens.

In recent days religious processions and ceremonies are main target of our enemies in Pakistan. They are trying their level best to open new front for the government in the name of sectarian violence. This is to be noted that in recent past major ceremonies including those in the months of Moharram and Rabi-ul-Awal turned bloody due to suicide attacks.

This is also visible that even after spending millions on security arrangements and deploying thousands of law enforcing forces, the number of bloody events could not be reverted. This is my humble appeal to all religious leaders to realize the gravity of situation and either postponed such events or halt if for indefinite period until the security situation is normal in the country. After all the loss of precisous lives can be avoided with their decision which is top priority.

People on the other side should avoid attending events where there are visible security loop holes. They should attend only those events where proper security measures are taken.

We all are concenred aboout our love ones and attending such events with limited or no security is equivallent to suicide. Please take note of this situation which will help us save precious lives.


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