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Pakistan should review its internal security practices

With growing number of terrorist attacks on law enforcing agencies, Pakistan should plan and incorporate best practices in law enforcing agencies. This is true that successful terror attacks on law enforcing agencies creat panic in public as they themselves feel insecure.

This is ground reality that Pakistani security agencies like Police and Rangers are still following old practices of road blocks and snap checkings without considering their own safety measures. The spots selected are totally exposed to terrorist activities. They are not provided with ample bullet proof jackets, night vision equipment, cameras, and information technology support.

In view of recent attacks government should invest in betterment of our police by providing them proper training which matches international standards. All security staff should be insured and compensation should be healthy in case of injuries and death. This will give boost to confidence of forces.

This is real fact that there is no coordination in security operations. There is no numbering or identification of grey, black or red zones. If Interpol website is visited there is wealth of information regarding SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures) which I feel is not communicated to our forces.

In order to get results our forces should be proactive rather than reactive. All “Kutchi Abadis” and Goths (Villages) should be walled and proper and restricted entries and exit points. All these points should be closely monitored because these are safe hiding places of law breakers.

In short a comprehensive overhauling of law enforcing agencies is needed with larger percentage of educated individuals preferably from same regions/cities for better results.


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