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Extra security measures needed at releif camps of Swat and Dir

The recent influx of displaced Pakistanis due to recent military action in swat exposed the readiness of government authorities. Although they took pace late but its still below par. The security measures taken at these camps looks slim as there are more than expected people on ground waiting for tents and allied material as visible on TV channels.

This is utmost necessary to put boundary wall or fence guarded and protected by security professionals. There is always a chance of mishap and terrorist activities at thes densly populated areas. There must be quick and concrete measures taken. I dont know what the security advisors are doing but things not look satisfactory.

Government should immediately install cameras, restrict exit and entry points to these camps and increase patrolling of the area including nearby colonies as preventive measure. All tents provided should be fire proof and people coming should be educated to avoid any disaster.

Health and medical facilities should be boosted to avoid any epidemic. Clean environment with proper garbage disposal facilities should be raised to keep all families

All measures should be taken on faster pace with life and security of all individuals must be on top of the list. May Allah help these Pakistanis face this situation with courage.


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