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Become a good father – Important tips

1. If you wish to become a good father you should be a good time manager. You have to spare at least 45 minutes a day for your kids. If you are living far away, always give them a call on regular basis.

2. This is utmost important to give more time in early age as this leave deeper impression in your kids’ minds. They will remember this association for ever.

3. Always involve your kids in your religious practices (if you follow one). Your kids will give you greater respect and will be more involved with you.

4. Try to take your family for outing or picnic at least once a month and play with them. They will enjoy and will create a lasting bond.

5. Spend time with your kids especially when they go to bed. If you tell stories they will love you more than you imagine. If you don’t remember one, get some story books

6. Always involve your kids when you are doing some repair or technical work. Take their help in terms of asking them for tools or holding some equipment.

7. Keep communicating with kids whenever you get time. You can guide them about road sense, self security, ethics and general knowledge. This will make your kids confident.

8. A father should not be like and army officer, he should be very friendly and open for questions and queries. Always answer their questions in decent and reputable manner. If you don’t know some answers then get back to them at later stage.


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