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Attack on GHQ in Pakistan – Failure of our agencies?

The attack on GHQ in Pakistan has clearly exposed loop holes in our security mechanism. This is obvious that the presence of these militants was not taken seriously by our law enforcing agencies, as they made it to the gates of GHQ a fortress that looks invincible.

This is high time now to upgrade our police and automate their operations. The police is not in a position to control the terrorism if they are not supplied with equipment PCs in offices as well as hand held ones for timely access to important data. All their systems should be tightly integrated with NADRA and Motor Vehicle databases. The spot checking should be vigilant and timely with proper photographs/video taken of all snap checking. Every critical location should be identified and numbered.

This is the right time when police force should be replaced by well educated and trained personnel with full authority to enforce law and order in decent and uncontroversial way. All existing ill trained and uneducated force should be used for not so important tasks like VIP protocol, for security of banks and financial institutions security.

All police stations from different cities should be connected to each other for proper sharing of data with secured portal to identify common threats, most wanted criminals and SOPs. Furthermore, salary packages and standard of living of police force must be raised.

Citizens of Pakistan cannot feel protected if our police remain the same.


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