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The downhill journey of PTV

From perfect to pathetic, the downhill journey of PTV is really annoying for its loyal viewers. The start of the PTV was amazing as most of the literate and art lovers gathered to boom this new media in Pakistan. The black and white programs were very colorful and informative. The programs grabbed great number of viewers and posed considerable threat to the cinema.

If you compare performing art in both India and Pakistan, the drama and TV programs surpassed quality and uniqueness and become first choice of viewers. The standard demolished Pakistani film industry which used to attract large number of audience to cinema. The popular drama serials made street deserted and forced businesses and parties to change their timing. This is to be noticed that the prime period of PTV was in the era when the PTV headquarter was in Karachi. The same is true for the film industry which when left the most educated city, left with nothing but some ill minded individuals who spoiled this special media which took off and reached its prime time.

The growing commercialization killed the essence of TV programs and viewers started to leave. Nowadays all local and foreign channel air so many advertisements in between that the programs lost their appeal and of course viewers. Now the large bunch of viewers is non serious ones who jumps from channels to channels to look for attractive sequences or one or two episodes.

This is strongly suggested that PTV should recall its strength who are still in the field and serving other channels. PTV at present is only concentrating on dramas while there are no other worth mentioning programs. The music segment was once the main force of PTV which no more exist. Singers like Alamgir, Shehki and alike were so popular that their cassettes broken countries best selling records.

The most pathetic is the PTV Khabarnama which has changed its setup for more than 10 times in 5 years but still unable to grab attention. Once a greatest force in the media, the newscasters were known for their best accent, command on reading and superior sound quality.

If PTV wants to regain its superior place, the management should recall all talented individuals like singers and directors who are still considered as an asset for our media.


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