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Failure of Interior Ministry – There was no Plan-B for Ashura Procession

Pakistan is a country where governments fail to learn from their experience. After the tragic murder of Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto, country faced the worst riots of its history. People were looking for law enforcing agencies which were vanished from the scene and caged inside their facilities. The innocent citizens were left on the mercy of rioters who freely looted them and destroyed their property. The writ of the government was no where during whole episode. The excuse was acceptable, as the event was an unexpected one and people digested their excuse.

But this time our Interior Minister failed to convince that he had every thing under control. There is no doubt about that that there was no PLAN-B. Everyone was so confident that nothing will happen as they thought that security was more than sufficient. People of Pakistan failed to understand that what was discussed during long meetings with law enforcing agencies? The law enforcing agencies although vigilant during the procession, they were clueless after bomb blast. They were unable to hold rioters as there were not clear instructions about how to tackle mobs and rioters.

This is a real fact that Pakistan has no Riot Police specially trained to control riots and protest. There are no water jets, no rubber bullets, no protection shields, and no vehicles to control such violent individuals. Furthermore, the crime committed in terms of burning properties in front of law enforcing agencies clearly exposed that there are no SOPs for our Police and Rangers. They sometimes act as witness or just robots standing and waiting for instructions.

This is not the first time such incident happened as the country is used to such situation. We have seen the same during other similar incidents. Citizens of Pakistan want to know that what exactly our Interior Ministry is doing. Whether people in charge are competent enough to run this ministry? In my humble opinion the ministries should be shuffled immediately and someone having proper education regarding security of such a difficult country could be handled properly.

In the era of information technology, our Minister was never seen with laptop in any of the meetings. This clearly shows that they never work on any concrete plan and expecting miracles from others. Peoples Party should take immediate notice of failed ministries to bring back normality in the country. The said minister should be made ministry of poultry affairs as he can efficiently tell us how many eggs were laid and how many hens died.


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Bomb blast in Karachi-Pakistan during Muharram/Ashura Procession

The tragic bomb blast in Muharram/Ashura procession in Karachi is really bad for the city which was trying hard to remain calm and peaceful. There is no doubt about the security measures taken but such a large procession is really hard to manage. In my previous post some months back View Post , I urged authorities to disallow such large processions in view of the safety of the citizens but due to association of followers with such events, the same could not be considered.

At present our leaders both religious and political should stop large gatherings and instead go for some symbolic ones until the security situation is clear. We are likely to see similar kind of incidents, as miscreants are always looking for such soft targets.

May Allah keep us united and alert.

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Growing number of illegal mosques in Karachi

Religion is the most critical topic to discuss in Pakistan. When it comes to criminal activities associated with religious figures or parties, there is a complete silence and restraint. No one is willing to speak or pinpoint any thing that is going wrong and harmful for the citizens. Our love for the religion is not taken seriously and we feel like hostage to some disputed clerics/religious figures.

In recent days especially after the events of 9/11, the inclination of common Muslims towards religion increased to a very large extent. This inclination prompts some quacks that started cashing this new trend. Every one was interested in knowing more about the religion but this has created a great business opportunity for quacks.

This is to be noted that in recent days, lot many illegal mosques were erected. In city like Karachi where there is already ample number of mosques in major densely populated areas, there is no need of additional mosques. The new mosques are being opened rapidly by illegally converting residential plots, shopping centers, bungalows, and alike.

This is a fact that our Prophet (peace be upon him) constructed first mosque after purchasing land from the owners. This example is not being following by their so called followers.

Most of the newly constructed illegal mosques are clearly violating civic laws and have no certificate from KBCA or other authorities. In my humble opinion all those religious organizations registering these mosques should be warned and given legal notice to either close these mosques or amalgamate these in nearby legal facilities. If they fail to do so, then legal action should be taken and their right to register these mosques should be taken back. Furthermore, many trusts are being registered with the name of these illegal mosques by government authorities. These authorities must ensure that the mosques are not erected on illegal plots or facilities.

The other important issue is illegal use of loudspeakers that has made life of nearby residence miserable. The loudspeakers are used to run tapes for hours. This is strongly suggested that loudspeakers should be allowed for Azan or announcement only. The rules do exist which should be strictly enforced, otherwise registration of these organizations should be suspended.

If proper action is not take, I am afraid the city will see a new wave of sectarian violence, which will be beyond control of the law enforcing agencies. We are Muslims and love our religion and know what is right and what is wrong. We must discourage these elements by boycotting them and avoiding help or funding to such illegal elements. Supporting such elements is a crime and sin and we must not fell in the trap. May Allah SWT give us guidance.

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Take over of gas wells by gunmen in Pakistan

This is very clear that the recent incidents of take over of gas fields as a protest crippled the major portion of Pakistan. The similar kinds of incidents are seen in Baluchistan where the residence of nearby villages and towns sees big pipelines passing but they are still burning woods.

This is really unfortunate that the larger majority of Pakistani citizens taking benefit of the gas are closing their eyes from the injustice to these people. The main claim is the lack of recovery in terms of gas charges from consumers of gas fields’ adjacent areas. The claim is shameful as the authorities should have offered them minimal rates or offered them number of free units as a gesture. This would have created a positive atmosphere and enabling these citizens to help protect these facilities and installations instead of harming.

The government should take immediate measures and develop these areas on priority basis. Following approach is suggested

1- Developing small towns and colonies with all utilities and offer the nearby villagers to move in to these facilities.
2- The facilities should have free schooling and medical facilities with transport availability for their commuting.
3- Sending their young for further education to cities on scholarship basis

This will help overcome the problem of serving dispersed localities. The revenue generated from these fields is enormous and if proper and immediate steps are taken, such colonies/town can be developed with in months. This will help government to control the negative elements that will not be able to attract the unhappy citizens.

I urge the government to take my suggestions seriously and move forward in rapid pace to avoid such incidents that can cripple our country.

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Dhaka We Really Miss You – The Fall of Dhaka

All though I was too young to remember the fall of Dhaka but understanding that a larger chunk of Pakistan vanished from the map is really a tragic topic to discuss. The blame game is still on and every one involved in that incident (directly or indirectly) is not ready to accept the responsibility of such a huge loss.

Pakistan’s new generation is clueless about the real situation related to fall of Dhaka, as there are different stories with different perspectives. In my opinion the fall of Dhaka was more severe than Hiroshima and Nagasaki as Pakistan lost its larger population which was responsible for remarkable joint efforts in the creation of Pakistan.

The contribution of our Bengali brothers and sisters in the creation of Pakistan cannot be erased from the history. This is clearly understood that they were pushed to the wall in a way that they were forced to choose an unpleasant exit. Pakistan army experienced humiliation they never expected and were trapped by Indian Army in a very bad situation.

We must forget the related incident without forgetting that the fall of Dhaka resulted in a broken Pakistan. A country was broken in a way that all future hopes of reunification were also shattered. If Bangladesh would have chosen to remain the East Pakistan like North and South Korea or East and West Germany, the reunification efforts could have been made.

Being a Pakistani from a generation not involved in the tragic incident, I want to convey my message to all Bengali brothers and sisters that we really miss you. I wish to start a campaign to spread this message of hope and friendship that may be someday Pakistan will be united again. Even if Bangladesh chooses to remain separate, they should consider changing their name back to East Pakistan. This will surely be a great tribute to all common heroes who contributed positively in the making of separate Muslim state in British India.

Once again I would like to say and want to repeat it every year with love that “Dhaka – We Really Miss You”. I request all Pakistanis to spread this message and use every platform and medium to show our Bengali brothers that we really miss them. I want our media to start a campaign this year or may be next, to motivate all Pakistanis to send cards and garlands to Bangladesh embassy in Pakistan to show their love for their ex Pakistani nationals. After all we share the same history, leaders and religion.

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