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Take over of gas wells by gunmen in Pakistan

This is very clear that the recent incidents of take over of gas fields as a protest crippled the major portion of Pakistan. The similar kinds of incidents are seen in Baluchistan where the residence of nearby villages and towns sees big pipelines passing but they are still burning woods.

This is really unfortunate that the larger majority of Pakistani citizens taking benefit of the gas are closing their eyes from the injustice to these people. The main claim is the lack of recovery in terms of gas charges from consumers of gas fields’ adjacent areas. The claim is shameful as the authorities should have offered them minimal rates or offered them number of free units as a gesture. This would have created a positive atmosphere and enabling these citizens to help protect these facilities and installations instead of harming.

The government should take immediate measures and develop these areas on priority basis. Following approach is suggested

1- Developing small towns and colonies with all utilities and offer the nearby villagers to move in to these facilities.
2- The facilities should have free schooling and medical facilities with transport availability for their commuting.
3- Sending their young for further education to cities on scholarship basis

This will help overcome the problem of serving dispersed localities. The revenue generated from these fields is enormous and if proper and immediate steps are taken, such colonies/town can be developed with in months. This will help government to control the negative elements that will not be able to attract the unhappy citizens.

I urge the government to take my suggestions seriously and move forward in rapid pace to avoid such incidents that can cripple our country.


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