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Bomb blast in Karachi-Pakistan during Muharram/Ashura Procession

The tragic bomb blast in Muharram/Ashura procession in Karachi is really bad for the city which was trying hard to remain calm and peaceful. There is no doubt about the security measures taken but such a large procession is really hard to manage. In my previous post some months back View Post , I urged authorities to disallow such large processions in view of the safety of the citizens but due to association of followers with such events, the same could not be considered.

At present our leaders both religious and political should stop large gatherings and instead go for some symbolic ones until the security situation is clear. We are likely to see similar kind of incidents, as miscreants are always looking for such soft targets.

May Allah keep us united and alert.


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  1. Please shift all the markets/ mosques, army offices outside the city, as they have been targetted by the terrorist.

    And please sit at your home… when you leave home there is a high risk that you will have a accident. so if you sit at home.. you will safe.

    I really appretiate your wisdom approach.

    And if things not settle down, you can also left the Kalma.. as the muslims are being targetted worldwide, so if you left kalma.. you will be more secure.

    Comment by Saleem | December 31, 2009 | Reply

  2. If we follow the Sunnah there is no issue at all, The issues arrises when we are making Bid’h in Deen.

    I realy appose these kind of geathering and advice ppl to follow Quran n Sunnah of Our Beloved Salaf

    Comment by ِِAbu Warisha | March 5, 2010 | Reply

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