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IPL auction 2010 – Utter disappointment for Pakistani stars

The disappointing and insulting episode of IPL auction 2010 sparked a new wave of tension between two countries. Pakistan since Mumbai attacks acted positively in releasing tension but the Indian counterparts were too hot to cash the events for political gains. Pakistan proved to be the sensible among two by avoiding military conflict.

On the other hand Indian government posed like the super power trying to keep Pakistan under its thumb. The recent insult of Pakistani players by Indians in IPL Auction 2010 has raised so many questions. This obvious that Indian government is not serious in diffusing tension as this is good for them to gain sympathies of their citizens who criticized them for poor security and mishandling of Mumbai events. Such childish behavior is a wakeup call for Pakistanis.

I strongly demand that GEO TV network should boycott IPL this year and all Pakistani companies should not sponsor IPL matches if telecasted from any of the channel. Furthermore, all channels should be strictly instructed to boycott news of IPL or other related events.

All Pakistanis around the world should spread this message of unity and should stand together to counter this humiliation which should be felt by Indians.

I demand that Wasim Akram should immediately resign from his commitment with IPL team and come back to country with a strong message of support for Pakistani players.


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  1. Nice Article, I stand with your voice!!

    Comment by Mohammad Mansoor Ali Ansari | January 21, 2010 | Reply

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