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Petrol prices raised by Rs.6.10/litre to increase miseries of the citizens

The recent rise in petrol prices has shown that the government is not capable enough to give relief to the citizens. The present raise will increase prices of almost all products and services associated with petrol.

When I visited a service station inside a shell petrol pump today morning, I had to wait for almost an hour at the pump. Whatever I have seen was not clear until I read the news of petrol prices tonight. I saw around 50 motorcyclist and almost equal number of cars entering pump but were denied of petrol by the pump owner claiming that there was no supply to the pumps. The situation got worse when people started complaining that other petrol pumps of University Road were also out of supply. I failed to understand why the petrol pumps were out of supply on a holiday when there is no rush of office traffic.

There were senior citizens who were sweating because of prolonged dragging of their motorbikes, a couple in a car were desperately pleading as they were unable to find the fuel with few liters left for their planned journey. One of the motorcyclists started shouting and threatened to burn the petrol pump. At that time I thought that the pump owner is innocent and was trapped in unforeseen situation. But the news tonight opened my eyes and now I realize how mean and cunning these pump owners are.

I demand judiciary to take notice of this situation as the oil companies (especially Shell Pakistan) and their agents are squarely responsible for gaining profits form supplies they had in their stocks. I am sure that government of Pakistan and related ministry is not going to take any action because they are surely getting their fair share of this loot and plunder.

If this is a people’s government then why its actions are speaking against it? This is a big question mark. I urge all political parties and NGOs to raise voice against the incidents and planned looting of people of Pakistan in name of oil and petrol. We as a nation should unite and save Pakistan from these corrupt and selfish regimes.


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