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Dubai Metro, an ideal way to commute.

The people of Pakistan and India especially those living in big cities deserve similar transport facilities like the ones of Dubai. Ideally Metro is a class in its own with hi-tech facility with minimal human intervention is really a wonderful experience.

 In such an expensive city, Dubai Metro will be the preferred way of commuting once all stations are active. I can see that residential apartments close to Metro Stations will gain more popularity in coming days as people will prefer using Metro instead of using their cars. This is obvious that with growing parking problem and increasing parking fee, the best way to have peaceful journey will be Metro.

 The route is already covering major commercial areas and with new stations functional, the residential areas will be linked properly and the rush of cars is likely to reduce. Other countries of the region can benefit from the experience and offer their citizens decent and affordable way to travel.

 This will also reduce pollution, save fuel and make journey faster and cleaner. The efficiency of individuals will also increase as they will be relaxed during their journey instead of being active and alert during their drive. 

I must salute Dubai rulers for giving so much to their citizens. I also found a wonderful introductory video on youtube. com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg_oU_Tnok0 which i wish to share with you all.


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