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Regional Police Network – Proposed Security Solution for Pakistan

Pakistan should really think of Regional Police Network, an easy and applicable solution for current law and order situation of the country. All cities should have their separate Police, recruiting locally available human resource well aware of regional issues and crime centers. These individual regions should be connected through Information Technology with other entities reporting to Central Command and Control System.

Current Police System should be abolished immediately

Since population of Pakistan has increased considerably, the presence of current police system is useless. Presently the police recruits are mostly from one province with most of them not familiar with city life and its demands. The uneducated Police with a large pool of corrupt elements failed to tackle the more scientifically committed crimes creating a great gap of understanding of ground realities. Criminals are well aware of ill preparedness of Police, therefore committing crime with considerable ease and regularity. This is understood that currently Police is mostly used for protocol reasons, not spending required time for the protection and wellbeing of citizens.

Armed Forces should be involved in selection and preparation of RPN

The main success of Pakistan Army is because of its merit based selection. The selection and recruitment process is so strict that there is no leniency or compromise even if someone falls little short of demand. Proper family background, understanding of local population and maps, clear understanding of languages spoken in recruitment area, professional commitment and sincerity should be judged through interviews, tests and assignments. There should be minimum education limit of Matric for entry level positions up to Graduation and Masters for senior positions.

If Armed forces manage to prepare and create effective RPN, they will be relieved from law enforcement duties within cities and other areas. This will help them concentrate of their actual duties of guarding the frontiers of beloved nation.

Involvement of NADRA for recording crimes and FIRs

Due to extra ordinary services of NADRA in CNIC (Computerized National ID Cards) and Machine Readable Passports, NADRA is undisputed choice for automation crimes and criminals database. Furthermore, NADRA should be engaged to automate all jails, courts and related departments for seamless operations with connectivity to all relevant databases being used in other domains. United Nations, United States and other developed countries pushing Pakistan for the fight against terror should seriously convince and fund Pakistan to move in this direction with rapid pace. This is the only way they can make Pakistan safer for them and the whole world.

Construction of Law Enforcing Complex

This is strongly suggested that a unique concept of Law Enforcing Complex should be introduced in every city with main facilities like Police Head Quarter, Secure Lockups, Full fledge Jails, Courts for speedy trials, Hospital, Training Complex, Media Center, Forensic Laboratories, Investigation Center, Public Support Desk, Emergency Response Center, Call Center and IT Departments. The complex should have a nearby residential complex with in a secured compound wall for families of Police Department. All amenities like school, colleges and clinics should be made available for families of Police Department.

Having all facilities under one roof will reduce a lot of expenses especially when convicted persons are moved between lockups/jails and courts. The complex should be made with fool proof security with latest gadgets and tools to ensure safety of facility, inmates and families.

Life insurance and family protection schemes

All those who are appointed in RPN should be given full assurance of ample coverage. Insurance and family protection should be ensured in case of any live threatening incident. Salaries of Police recruits should be similar to Armed Forces with nearly similar facilities and incentives as their job is equally important. Special schools should be established purely for Police staff children with Free/Subsidized education to ensure that staff gives full attention to their tasks.

Meetings and Association with locals

Regular open door sessions should be arranged in all administrative areas and Police Stations nationwide on routine basis to meet with people living around these stations. There should be a drop box in front of every Police Station, Airport, Markets and Parks for anonymous complains and concerns. People in this way may be able to identify suspicious activities in their surroundings and inform Police well in advance for necessary action.

Digital Maps and Numbering of Locations for rapid response

Regional Police should have digital maps with devices like IPhones or otherwise to keep track of areas with in their jurisdictions.  Special mobile teams should be trained for immediate response within the range of their respective police stations in minimal possible time.

Separate Unit for Protocols and Convoy Protection

There should be a separate force within RPN for VIP Protocols and Convoy Protection and for other similar tasks only. These units should not affect normal operations of Police. This will ensure full strength engaged in law enforcing and crime response and tracking duties.

Fenced Cities and Urban Settlements (Katchi Abadis)

Even developed cities like Dubai are fenced to control abnormal movement of people across cities. This helps in tracking spots for movement of criminals and suspects. Especially all Kutchi Abadis / Settlements should be fenced with Police units engaged in monitoring ins and outs. Since these settlements are safe havens for criminals, fencing these will help in coordinated and easy checks. Fences can also be built on routes expected to be used for smuggling and drug/weapon trafficking

Permission of Processions and Rallies on the basis of available strength

Police should not be engaged in unnecessary events like religious or political rallies and gatherings. All such events should be permitted on the basis of available workforce in relevant areas. After careful evaluation of strength a number of persons should be allowed to attend such rallies. In countries like Saudi Arab, United Arab Emirates and other major Islamic countries, there is no permission for such kind of rallies which are not even legal in religion.

This will help country save billions of rupees burned for such unnecessary events. Even if such events are necessary the organizers should be responsible for gathering more than allowed individuals. There should be a short and restricted route not affecting traffic flow and routine of citizens. Any organization or group going against law should be banned immediately and organizers arrested.

Riot Control Force

This has been observed in recent years that public turn violent after tragic incidents. They take law and order in their hands and destroy public and government properties. They also endanger lives of citizen by pelting stones and burning vehicles. A special unit of Riot Force with immediate response and control capabilities should be prepared with Police department. All new equipment like water jets, plastic bullets and bullet proof vests should be provided.

This is understood that every area is special and need utmost attention and preparedness. I tried to put on paper whatever I think for the improvement of Police department in Pakistan. We all being concerned Pakistanis pray for the betterment and wellbeing of our fellow citizens. Our government and their well-wishers should seriously think on these grounds to make Pakistan a safer and prosperous country.


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  1. I would also suggest some cost-effective measures like, getting rid of Afghan refugees in a very respectable manner; ridding Karachi of illegal immigrants; asking NATO to leave Afghanistan. If the last one is done first, more than half of the problems will be solved.

    Comment by Khushal | December 14, 2010 | Reply

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