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Unrest in Baluchistan – Immediate steps needed

There is no second opinion that the province of Baluchistan was never given its due share on the basis of its extreme natural resources. Being a Pakistani I really feel bad when we take benefit of Sui Gas but majority of Baluchistan is deprived of this natural resource getting out of its land and benefiting rest of Pakistan.

The excuse given by our rules from last many decades is baseless and clear injustice. Our beloved province need a fair share and could have been turned in to a highly developed province. As a Pakistani, I should raise voice for my fellow brothers. The current unrest and law and order situation can be dealt with rapid pace of development and more logical implementation of rules to compensate losses to our deprived province.

If still our rules give cold shoulder to long debated rights of Baluchistan, we might see another displeasing episode like Bangladesh. Its better late than never, we should come up with a logical and acceptable solutions to the problems of Baluchistan in extreme urgent mode.

1-      All leaders involved in separatist movements must be given pardon and offer control of their respective areas under new agreement that they will surely cooperate with government in developing modern villages and small cities where amenities will be available especially gas and electricity. These cities and developed areas should be in the central location of each territory where these leaders should ensure that maximum people migrate to these towns/villages. This will ensure government to distribute gas pipelines and electrical connections easily.

2-      All registered citizens should be offered special rates of gas and electricity which should be far lower than other provinces. Gas cylinder distribution network should be established for areas not accessible through gas lines.

3-      Special task force should be formed to compensate losses occurred due to military operations and other anti-terror activities.

4-      This should be ensured that maximum number of Baluchis are appointed in Sui and Gawadar with special training given to cover any short comings.

5-      All lands allotments should be fair and impartial with top priority to Baluch residents.

6-      Special seats for Baluchi students should be announced immediately in all major universities of Pakistan, with special fee and incentives given. Furthermore, a campaign should be launched to invite all corporates to sponsor at least 10 students of the whole country, especially from Baluchistan for full free education.

7-      Province of Baluchistan should be given due share and royalty of all resources explored and being used by Federal Government.

8-      Immediate recruitment of Baluchistan’s youths in Army in fair number to counter future unrest and anti-state activities.

All above immediate measures if taken seriously can buy time for Government to settle unrest in the province that may lead to greater separatist movements. We all love our country and want to be fair with our fellow citizens. I hope that the Government of Pakistan will take immediate steps to counter anti state elements who seems to be gaining strength in recent days by destroying gas supply lines regularly.


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