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Tasbeeh Counter Ver 1.0 (also spelled Tasbih) – Ideal Windows Phone 7 application for simple counting tasks

My first application was approved on http://www.YallaApps.com and are now available through Windows Market place. The name of the application is “Tasbeeh Counter” version 1.o (also spelled as Tasbih) which is an ideal counting application for simple tasks. Usage is not limited to certain segments, but can be used for variety of day to day tasks. Most of the times, Tasbeeh / Tasbih is used for Zikr or reciting holy words and is common with those who are concerned about exact counting.

The free and paid versions can be had from http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/search?q=tasbeeh

Details are appended below

If you are looking for a simple counting application, Tasbeeh Counter (Tasbih) is an ideal choice. With simple and easy to use options, one can easily use this counter for day to day needs. Whether you are reciting holy words, noting readings of experiment or counting jogging laps, Tasbeeh counter will be your dependable companion.
Application has optional sound and vibration alert to keep you informed about progress and completion without looking at the app.

There is a custom counter where you can set your own counting limit.

Counting will be retained if you interrupt it for phone calls or loading other application.

Application has default counting limits where you can simply start counting for your generic needs.

Checkboxes on screen will enable you to switch sound and vibration on or off.

Reset Button is available on Tasbeeh (Tasbih) counter to restart counting anytime.

Screens are kept simple to understand and use with less efforts and distraction.

Tasbeeh Counter

Tasbeeh Counter Ver 1.0


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