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Tasbeeh Counter Ver 1.0 (also spelled Tasbih) – Ideal Windows Phone 7 application for simple counting tasks

My first application was approved on http://www.YallaApps.com and are now available through Windows Market place. The name of the application is “Tasbeeh Counter” version 1.o (also spelled as Tasbih) which is an ideal counting application for simple tasks. Usage is not limited to certain segments, but can be used for variety of day to day tasks. Most of the times, Tasbeeh / Tasbih is used for Zikr or reciting holy words and is common with those who are concerned about exact counting.

The free and paid versions can be had from http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/search?q=tasbeeh

Details are appended below

If you are looking for a simple counting application, Tasbeeh Counter (Tasbih) is an ideal choice. With simple and easy to use options, one can easily use this counter for day to day needs. Whether you are reciting holy words, noting readings of experiment or counting jogging laps, Tasbeeh counter will be your dependable companion.
Application has optional sound and vibration alert to keep you informed about progress and completion without looking at the app.

There is a custom counter where you can set your own counting limit.

Counting will be retained if you interrupt it for phone calls or loading other application.

Application has default counting limits where you can simply start counting for your generic needs.

Checkboxes on screen will enable you to switch sound and vibration on or off.

Reset Button is available on Tasbeeh (Tasbih) counter to restart counting anytime.

Screens are kept simple to understand and use with less efforts and distraction.

Tasbeeh Counter

Tasbeeh Counter Ver 1.0


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Important for all. You can save your life if properly educated

Important for all. You can save your life if properly educated.

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Important for all. You can save your life if properly educated

Our country is constantly under threat of terrorist attacks. We regularly hear news of bomb blasts or target killings. We need to educate our people to be alert and responsive to save their precious lives. I have seen couple of videos on youtube.com which are very important for citizens to educate themselves in the event of attack. I pray for well being and safety of our citizens. I urge all to share this blog post as much as possible as this might save precious lives if someone get a chance to help someone in trouble.

1- How to survive a serious wound

2- How to survive if kidnapped

3- How to survive if caught in Fire

There are many important videos on Howcast.com that can educate you to survive in different other situations including aircrash.

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Oven hot French bread from Carrefour Sharjah/UAE – Crispy and tasty – Will make you feel charged and electrified

When I went to Carrefour store of Al-Nahda Tower Sharjah, I was looking for cheese bread like that available in Pizza Hut. While roaming around the bakery area I saw a long and crispy looking French bread. I touched it to check whether it is hard or soft, but when I touched I realized that it is oven fresh and really hot. I preferred to buy and taste it.

When I reached home which is just a walking distance away, I opened it in kitchen, divided it into number of pieces and took one with some cream cheese. Believe me the taste was superb and with cream cheese it was marvelous. I started eating piece by piece and the whole long bread was eaten up to 70% and I was full.

If you really want to energize yourself, just visit nearby Carrefour especially around 7pm to get a fresh piece of it. I am sure that you will agree that the bread taste good and looks good too. Simply Yummy to fill your tummy..

Don’t forget to tell me about your experience.

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Unrest in Baluchistan – Immediate steps needed

There is no second opinion that the province of Baluchistan was never given its due share on the basis of its extreme natural resources. Being a Pakistani I really feel bad when we take benefit of Sui Gas but majority of Baluchistan is deprived of this natural resource getting out of its land and benefiting rest of Pakistan.

The excuse given by our rules from last many decades is baseless and clear injustice. Our beloved province need a fair share and could have been turned in to a highly developed province. As a Pakistani, I should raise voice for my fellow brothers. The current unrest and law and order situation can be dealt with rapid pace of development and more logical implementation of rules to compensate losses to our deprived province.

If still our rules give cold shoulder to long debated rights of Baluchistan, we might see another displeasing episode like Bangladesh. Its better late than never, we should come up with a logical and acceptable solutions to the problems of Baluchistan in extreme urgent mode.

1-      All leaders involved in separatist movements must be given pardon and offer control of their respective areas under new agreement that they will surely cooperate with government in developing modern villages and small cities where amenities will be available especially gas and electricity. These cities and developed areas should be in the central location of each territory where these leaders should ensure that maximum people migrate to these towns/villages. This will ensure government to distribute gas pipelines and electrical connections easily.

2-      All registered citizens should be offered special rates of gas and electricity which should be far lower than other provinces. Gas cylinder distribution network should be established for areas not accessible through gas lines.

3-      Special task force should be formed to compensate losses occurred due to military operations and other anti-terror activities.

4-      This should be ensured that maximum number of Baluchis are appointed in Sui and Gawadar with special training given to cover any short comings.

5-      All lands allotments should be fair and impartial with top priority to Baluch residents.

6-      Special seats for Baluchi students should be announced immediately in all major universities of Pakistan, with special fee and incentives given. Furthermore, a campaign should be launched to invite all corporates to sponsor at least 10 students of the whole country, especially from Baluchistan for full free education.

7-      Province of Baluchistan should be given due share and royalty of all resources explored and being used by Federal Government.

8-      Immediate recruitment of Baluchistan’s youths in Army in fair number to counter future unrest and anti-state activities.

All above immediate measures if taken seriously can buy time for Government to settle unrest in the province that may lead to greater separatist movements. We all love our country and want to be fair with our fellow citizens. I hope that the Government of Pakistan will take immediate steps to counter anti state elements who seems to be gaining strength in recent days by destroying gas supply lines regularly.

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A Positive News Channel for Overseas Pakistanis

If you wish to feel proud of Pakistan, watch Express 24/7 a highly balanced and informative TV channel (English) without spicy news and sensational presentation. Being out of country, watching ordinary channels can make you sick and frustrated. I discovered link of Express 24/7 an English News Channel which was easily accessible from UAE. The video streaming is smooth and programs are balanced.

I must appreciate selection of newscasters and guests who really contribute in positive way to educate and enlighten their viewers. I must say that all channels should follow the path of Express 24/7 as our nation needs such kind of channels.

I suggest that all Pakistanis should boycott or stop watching channels who are projecting bad image of Pakistan. There is an urgent need of projecting Pakistan in positive way to outside world. We all who are outside the beloved country need correct, balanced and positive news to keep our motivation up and help us concentrate on our jobs.

One fairly positive point about this channel is limited number of advertisements that usually bother viewers who are unable to follow programs due to advertisement bombardments.

I usually watch through following links but you may also find other links to connect to this channel.
Express 24/7

Express 24/7

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Find Jobs in new markets – Explore new destinations

Being a Pakistani I am much worried about present situation of my country. In Pakistan, law and order situation is getting worse day by day and people are losing jobs. In this frustrating period we need to think positive and do something good for our nation.

The best approach is sending human resource to outside world in emerging markets to earn good living and run their homes in decent and stable way. With Dubai and Saudi Arabia being closest destination, the tough competition and dropping salaries are making difficult for us to penetrate and secure reasonable jobs. Although we need to explore these markets regularly as still there is plenty of margin to settle, we need to explore new markets too which are growing rapidly.

Following are few exciting destinations that can be explored immediately to secure a prosperous future. There are whole lot jobs from construction to IT and engineering that need to be explored and secured. A bold decision is needed to visit and search for the jobs in these markets. Policies and feasibilities can be made after visiting their official visa/immigration sites.

In my opinion, following destinations will be on world’s radar as the most important destinations for quality jobs.



The ‘new Dubai’? Libya open for business


Singapore economy witnesses record growth


World Cup success kicks off US$ 60 billion projects boom in Qatar

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Career Opportunities in UAE – Way forward

UAE is really a land of opportunities. Whether you are a businessman, student, labor, professional or otherwise, UAE provide extra ordinary opportunities to shine with full concentration on your domain. In recent years Dubai emerged as a key destination constantly visible in business radar of the world. The city is transforming itself into a technically equipped with most of the impressive automates services in the world. On the other hand Abu Dhabi is the most stable city with bustling businesses and career opportunities.  In this write up I will sum up few points for those who are seriously thinking of landing in UAE for career opportunities.


Most of the individuals landing in UAE lack preparedness in terms of qualification, skills and certifications needed to get going in the job market. There are key areas which are constantly in demand of human resource which need to be focused to get jobs on time. A large number of individuals come on tourist visa for minimum 30 days which is really insufficient, especially if one has no prior interview setup or meetings arranged. Breaking ice in UAE market is a tough task. Secondly the prerequisites are so much that one cannot imagine fulfilling all those in 30 days.  


People who land in UAE for job opportunities don’t focus on certain job titles, instead they start sending and dropping CVs for every job opportunity they read. One must evaluate skills needed for the selected opportunity and change tone of a CV to exactly match the requirement. If a person is over qualified for the position interested in, he/she should draft a summarized version of CV not emphasizing on advanced skills. If you are under qualified then never exaggerate your skills, instead emphasize that you will cover short comings in lesser period of time.

Personal contacts

Before planning your visit for job hunting, sort a list of contacts you already have in UAE in terms of friends, relatives and colleagues who can help you or guide you in the market. Furthermore, if you have residence arrangement with your friends or relatives then you will be able to concentrate more on your job hunting instead of wasting time in finding living place. When you plan to visit ask your relative or friend to arrange a mobile phone + sim for you so that you can use the number in your CV. The mobile-sim can be easily purchased when you land in UAE. This is the first thing you should do before initiating your hunting. Carrying your personal mobile and changing sim is recommended; otherwise you will have to spend a good chunk of your money to buy one from the market.

Applying for the job

When you start applying, first of all create multiple physical copies of your CV especially couple of other versions for different job titles you can handle. Never mess up your application with multiple job titles. The best way to start searching is going through newspapers and classified sections. Furthermore, there are number of websites announcing job openings. You may also contact recruiting firms but be sure as there are quacks around to grab money the moment you walk in to their office. Any recruitment firm claiming even minimal amount in first meeting should be avoided as most of them are fake and simply misguide individuals.

Map of UAE

Wikimapia.org is a best source of getting clear view of UAE. You may browse all major cities, landmarks and locations before landing in UAE. Most of the visitors land in Dubai as the city has more businesses and job opportunities than other states. Google earth can also be checked for proper guidance. Secondly you should visit RTA website which has a feature namely “journey planner” which may be visited to see maps and routes of buses. This is good idea to be prepared regarding roads, markets and business hubs.

Be presentable

Talk nice and dress nice even if you are applying for an ordinary job. Cleanliness is a must and selection of proper dress for relevant job title can also help in attracting your employer. Whenever you are called for an interview, do visit the company’s website and go through the introduction and other information available on the net about the company. During interviews establish proper eye contact and communicate confidently with interviewer(s). Be loud, clear and attentive. Always take your CV in proper file in multiple copies. The copies should be the same you sent via email or courier.  Distribute these copies preferably in plastic file to all interviewers so that they can write their points on it. Convince your interviewer that you are keen to join and work hard for cementing place in the organization. Never plead or degrade yourself, instead communicate with authority and confidence.

Documents Required – Important step never omit to avoid failure

If you have decided to go to UAE you should have proper educational documents properly endorsed from UAE Consulate/Embassy near to you. You can visit Bukhari Travels with your documents to understand current requirements as they provide verification services for UAE Consulate in Pakistan.  To be precise, in Pakistan, educational documents need to be attested from HEC – Higher Education Commission prior to submission to consulate for which service of FedEx courier is required.  After this phase make an Arabic translation of your final educational document. Verified documents along with translation need to be endorsed from Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is a one day process if you reach there on time. In Pakistan we get used to agents who ensure timely completion of formalities with some additional cost if you are in a hurry but make sure you leave documents with proper agent (Get their mobile number and visit their office to be sure you can catch him later). Carrying attested documents with you will help you process your employment visa on time otherwise this may take weeks and may irk your potential employer. This is one of the key reasons candidates fails to materialize job offers due to lack of document preparedness.

All above points are necessary to increase your chances of getting better opportunity in UAE. Job seekers should also visit other cities like Sharjah, Ras Al Khaima and Fujaira to increase chances of getting jobs quickly.

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Petrol prices raised by Rs.6.10/litre to increase miseries of the citizens

The recent rise in petrol prices has shown that the government is not capable enough to give relief to the citizens. The present raise will increase prices of almost all products and services associated with petrol.

When I visited a service station inside a shell petrol pump today morning, I had to wait for almost an hour at the pump. Whatever I have seen was not clear until I read the news of petrol prices tonight. I saw around 50 motorcyclist and almost equal number of cars entering pump but were denied of petrol by the pump owner claiming that there was no supply to the pumps. The situation got worse when people started complaining that other petrol pumps of University Road were also out of supply. I failed to understand why the petrol pumps were out of supply on a holiday when there is no rush of office traffic.

There were senior citizens who were sweating because of prolonged dragging of their motorbikes, a couple in a car were desperately pleading as they were unable to find the fuel with few liters left for their planned journey. One of the motorcyclists started shouting and threatened to burn the petrol pump. At that time I thought that the pump owner is innocent and was trapped in unforeseen situation. But the news tonight opened my eyes and now I realize how mean and cunning these pump owners are.

I demand judiciary to take notice of this situation as the oil companies (especially Shell Pakistan) and their agents are squarely responsible for gaining profits form supplies they had in their stocks. I am sure that government of Pakistan and related ministry is not going to take any action because they are surely getting their fair share of this loot and plunder.

If this is a people’s government then why its actions are speaking against it? This is a big question mark. I urge all political parties and NGOs to raise voice against the incidents and planned looting of people of Pakistan in name of oil and petrol. We as a nation should unite and save Pakistan from these corrupt and selfish regimes.

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Dhaka We Really Miss You – The Fall of Dhaka

All though I was too young to remember the fall of Dhaka but understanding that a larger chunk of Pakistan vanished from the map is really a tragic topic to discuss. The blame game is still on and every one involved in that incident (directly or indirectly) is not ready to accept the responsibility of such a huge loss.

Pakistan’s new generation is clueless about the real situation related to fall of Dhaka, as there are different stories with different perspectives. In my opinion the fall of Dhaka was more severe than Hiroshima and Nagasaki as Pakistan lost its larger population which was responsible for remarkable joint efforts in the creation of Pakistan.

The contribution of our Bengali brothers and sisters in the creation of Pakistan cannot be erased from the history. This is clearly understood that they were pushed to the wall in a way that they were forced to choose an unpleasant exit. Pakistan army experienced humiliation they never expected and were trapped by Indian Army in a very bad situation.

We must forget the related incident without forgetting that the fall of Dhaka resulted in a broken Pakistan. A country was broken in a way that all future hopes of reunification were also shattered. If Bangladesh would have chosen to remain the East Pakistan like North and South Korea or East and West Germany, the reunification efforts could have been made.

Being a Pakistani from a generation not involved in the tragic incident, I want to convey my message to all Bengali brothers and sisters that we really miss you. I wish to start a campaign to spread this message of hope and friendship that may be someday Pakistan will be united again. Even if Bangladesh chooses to remain separate, they should consider changing their name back to East Pakistan. This will surely be a great tribute to all common heroes who contributed positively in the making of separate Muslim state in British India.

Once again I would like to say and want to repeat it every year with love that “Dhaka – We Really Miss You”. I request all Pakistanis to spread this message and use every platform and medium to show our Bengali brothers that we really miss them. I want our media to start a campaign this year or may be next, to motivate all Pakistanis to send cards and garlands to Bangladesh embassy in Pakistan to show their love for their ex Pakistani nationals. After all we share the same history, leaders and religion.

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