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Zulqarnain Haider should be pardoned by PCB to avoid any conflict during ICC World Cup 2011

Just recently there were some unpleasant events related to Zulqarnain Haider, Pakistan’s wicket keeper who left his team in mysterious circumstances in Dubai. Although he didn’t came with any direct allegation against current players but this is understood that media elements which are against Pakistan might use him again to divert attention during World cup.

I suggest that PCB should come forward and offer unconditional support and continuation of central contract to Zulqarnain Haider to counter any unpleasant move by negative elements. This is obvious that Zulqarnain was a good player and positive contributor of the team who was approached by some bookies who threatened him if he doesn’t cooperate.

We as a nation should stand behind every individual who is in trouble for any reason. Leaving a devoted and performing cricketer like this is really not good for our country. I urge PCB to send a delegation to meet Zulqarnain and offer him to reverse his retirement and assure him of fair selection and total protection in Pakistan.

This will surely help Pakistani team concentrate on world cup. Our cricket board should be proactive instead of reactive.


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Oven hot French bread from Carrefour Sharjah/UAE – Crispy and tasty – Will make you feel charged and electrified

When I went to Carrefour store of Al-Nahda Tower Sharjah, I was looking for cheese bread like that available in Pizza Hut. While roaming around the bakery area I saw a long and crispy looking French bread. I touched it to check whether it is hard or soft, but when I touched I realized that it is oven fresh and really hot. I preferred to buy and taste it.

When I reached home which is just a walking distance away, I opened it in kitchen, divided it into number of pieces and took one with some cream cheese. Believe me the taste was superb and with cream cheese it was marvelous. I started eating piece by piece and the whole long bread was eaten up to 70% and I was full.

If you really want to energize yourself, just visit nearby Carrefour especially around 7pm to get a fresh piece of it. I am sure that you will agree that the bread taste good and looks good too. Simply Yummy to fill your tummy..

Don’t forget to tell me about your experience.

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Dubai Driving License – A tough ask even for experienced drivers

When I came to UAE I heard much negative news about difficulties in getting driving license. After spending couple of months I decided to go for it as I was confident since I was driving for more than 20 years. First of all I surveyed regarding available training institutes and found three of the following as reliable and having good market reputation.

1-      Emirates Driving Institute

2-      Belhasa Driving Institute

3-      Galadari Driving Institute

You may see most of the training vehicles of above mentioned companies on the road. Since I was working in Al-Qusais area, I had equal reach to all of the above due their yards/facilities located nearby. Even then, I preferred Belhasa which was having a branch office fairly close to my office. The other reason behind selection was one of my neighbor who claimed that he got license in his first test attempt.

After taking admission, I was very upset for almost a month as my classes were not scheduled because of unavailability of instructor/vehicle on my required timeslot. Although Belhasa staff members Rahul and Ashis were very cooperative, but it took almost 4 weeks to initiate classes.

When I reached Belhasa’s training facility on first day of theory class, I was impressed with the number of vehicles and covered area of the facility. Instructors were smart and delivered lectures with utmost dedication.

After theory class, I was told to appear in a signal test which was taken on PC the next day with MCQ style questions. I passed that quite easily as the concepts and road signs and symbols were amply taught in theory class.

My classes were finally schedule and my Instructor was Mr. Sher Ali Khan who was a fairly nice guy with lot of patience and dedication. I faced difficulty only because I had vast experience of driving Right Hand Drive cars but here I had to switch my mind to Left Hand Drive. Furthermore, Dubai is a very difficult city to drive car due to extreme high speed traffic sometimes running around  80 – 120 Kmh requiring extreme perfection from driver. Roads are well marked and signs are fairly visible everywhere. With not so strict background, you need to tune yourself to full law abiding driver.

I must say that my trainer was excellent as he spent a lot of time on key areas which were necessary for passing tests. After taking approx. 30 classes I passed internal road test and was ready for first RTA Test,

Believe me, I was so confident that I would make it in first go, but all those who were giving test with me ware saying that it is impossible as this is not the habit of RTA to pass in first attempt. When I went for test I was happy that all was going well but suddenly I made a silly mistake due to my background of Right Hand Driving, and the instructor immediately told to stop the car. I failed the first attempt and was scratching my head because of such a stupid mistake.

After taking additional classes as per rule, I was again ready for second attempt. This time I was too cautious and again failed because test taker was not happy about my extreme caution and slow speed. Now I started to think that people were correct about stories of 7 to 8 attempts.

I took a last chance and once again started training as per rule. This time I told my instructor to just concentrate on nearby areas of the yard as the test takers roam around area of 1 to 2 km and I need to be perfect in these areas. I spent plenty of time in nearby areas and was finally ready for my third attempt.

On the test day I was praying that this time test taker should be a good one who can give ample driving time to me. Luckily this time I tried to be composed and did what was told and maintained my speed as per road instructions. I was told at the end of the test that I had cleared the same. I was very happy that in minimal attempts as per Dubai standards, I managed to get driving license which is absolutely necessary for such a large and stretched city.

I would like to thank Belhasa staff especially Ashis and Rahul and above others, my instructor Mr. Sher Ali Khan for helping and guiding me.

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Regime against Shahid Afridi is active – PCB Chairman and Selection Committee – Pathetic Corrupt Biased (PCB)

Even an ordinary person can confirm that the chairman PCB is nothing but a problem maker. He has no vision and no plan as the players in which Afridi had confidence were not included just to eliminate him as a captain of Pakistani World Cup Squad. Afridi asked for Shoaib Malik and had faith in Fawad Alam and Shahzeb but none of these were included in the team which indicates that they don’t care about captain’s concern.

This is clear evidence that PCB never started world cup preparation and still undergoing experiments. I must say that all corruption and grouping is sponsored by PCB and now they have got another rubber stamp selector.

Protesting against PCB Chairman is useless as we are full of corrupt people around who cannot think anything positive. All we can do is pray for the better future and a reasonable world cup. The only hope for a disappointed nation was cricket and these jokers are making fun of it.

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Star Debutant Cricketers of Pakistan – We must respect these players and give fair chances to prove their mettle.

Star Debutant Cricketers of Pakistan – We must respect these players and give fair chances to prove their mettle..

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – Prediction for Team and Individual Performances

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – Prediction for Team and Individual Performances.

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – Prediction for Team and Individual Performances

With ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 fast approaching, analysts and followers are expecting high quality cricket. I must say that all teams are geared up and will perform up to the mark. Apart from cricket minnows, all front line teams will be producing close contests for all cricket fans.

As I predicted final four, I would like to predict top performers too. May be there are some signals coming from my sixth sense, but believe me I am seriously predicting good performances from following players.


  • MS Dhoni
  • Younus Khan
  • Jacques Kallis


  • Sohail Tanveer
  • Bret Lee
  • Harbajan Singh

Master Blasters (Maximum Boundaries)

  • Abdul Razzak
  • Virender Sehwag
  • Grame Smith

Lowest Scores of the tournament

  • Canada
  • Bangladesh
  • New Zealand

Highest Scores of the tournament

  • West Indies
  • Australia
  • India

Fair Playing teams

  • England
  • Bangladesh
  • Zimbabwe

Fastest Balls of the Tournament

  • Shoaib Akhter
  • Bret Lee

More predictions are coming so stay tuned.

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Prediction for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – ICC’s Prime Event

Prediction for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – ICC’s Prime Event.

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Prediction for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – ICC’s Prime Event

My prediction for cricket world cup 2011 published on 20th December 2010 was not accepted by most of the readers and got some fairly bad response from Indian supporters, but the ground realities are shaping up to convince critics about it. Now people are taking this prediction seriously.

Final Four – Sri Lanka – England – Pakistan – South Africa

I recently saw a good presentation which I wish to share for our players and people of my country who are very disturbed these days due to lot many problems. I wish our team bring glory to a fractured nation.

Must watch this.. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=190003047678861

For reference please read my detailed post regarding ICC Cricket World Cup 2011  https://aamiransari.wordpress.com/2010/12/20/my-prediction-final-four-of-icc-cricket-world-cup-2011/

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