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Kamran Akmal – a wicket keeper with a big question mark

Kamran Akmal was selected in the Pakistani team as a specialist wicket keeper. The ICC world cup being a prime competition demands extra ordinary readiness and concentration which lacked in Kamran Akmal. This seems that he is not putting in efforts required for such an important occasion. God knows that whether these drops were deliberate or mistake.

Being the sole choice among available lot is something hearting Kamran Akmal. The poor Zulqarnain, for some weird reasons left the wicket keeping slot opened for his not so competitive competitor. I must say that Zulqarnain had made a bad mistake of losing his position as a best alternative to Kamran Akmal. If he can come back and satisfy PCB, he should be given another chance to take gloves. After all those controversies surrounding Kamral Akmal, at least Zulqarnain was not involved in corruption related investigation and should be pardoned after imposing some penalties.

Replacing Kamran behind the wickets is not feasible, but he should be well aware of the reaction he could face if he continues with such performances in this mega event. Pakistan if loses its place in quarter finals will divert attention towards his miserable performance so he should compensate the same immediately in next matches with gloves and bat.


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World Cup Winner Pakistan – Cricket Talent ignored in Pakistan due to absense of rotation policy

This is unfortunately true that cricket talent is at its best in Pakistan but due to absense of rotation policy, deserving players are unable to make it to the final 11. By watching this video one can realize that after full 5 years we have not seen many of these top performers making to senior side although they proved their worth in domestic. We stick to old guns and not give ample opportunities to budding talent due to lobby system and pathetic selection board.

I must say that a formula should be derived to give automatic entry of top performers in national team. Since there are lot of minnows now, we should regularly arrange series with countries like Ireland, Kenya, Canada and Afghanistan to give chances to new lot and groom them for international arena. I hope my words will be noticed by aimless PCB.

Following is the video of impressive performance of Pakistan Under 19 world cup win against India in 2006. Our seniors should get strength from this galant display.

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – Prediction for Team and Individual Performances

With ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 fast approaching, analysts and followers are expecting high quality cricket. I must say that all teams are geared up and will perform up to the mark. Apart from cricket minnows, all front line teams will be producing close contests for all cricket fans.

As I predicted final four, I would like to predict top performers too. May be there are some signals coming from my sixth sense, but believe me I am seriously predicting good performances from following players.


  • MS Dhoni
  • Younus Khan
  • Jacques Kallis


  • Sohail Tanveer
  • Bret Lee
  • Harbajan Singh

Master Blasters (Maximum Boundaries)

  • Abdul Razzak
  • Virender Sehwag
  • Grame Smith

Lowest Scores of the tournament

  • Canada
  • Bangladesh
  • New Zealand

Highest Scores of the tournament

  • West Indies
  • Australia
  • India

Fair Playing teams

  • England
  • Bangladesh
  • Zimbabwe

Fastest Balls of the Tournament

  • Shoaib Akhter
  • Bret Lee

More predictions are coming so stay tuned.

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Prediction for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – ICC’s Prime Event

My prediction for cricket world cup 2011 published on 20th December 2010 was not accepted by most of the readers and got some fairly bad response from Indian supporters, but the ground realities are shaping up to convince critics about it. Now people are taking this prediction seriously.

Final Four – Sri Lanka – England – Pakistan – South Africa

I recently saw a good presentation which I wish to share for our players and people of my country who are very disturbed these days due to lot many problems. I wish our team bring glory to a fractured nation.

Must watch this.. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=190003047678861

For reference please read my detailed post regarding ICC Cricket World Cup 2011  https://aamiransari.wordpress.com/2010/12/20/my-prediction-final-four-of-icc-cricket-world-cup-2011/

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Fawad Alam – A talented cricketer dropped from Worldcup Squad 2011 of Pakistan

I am a vocal advocate of merit and really feel pain when merit is ignored. In recent selection of Pakistan cricket team, I expect some logical explanation of selection of some unknown players and humiliation of experienced players. This is clear indication of how favoritism and nepotism is ruling our country. Being a democratic country every citizen has the right to ask question.

Fawad Alam

After reading the list of probable, like many others who are shouting on cricinfo.com and other forums the omission of Fawad Alam is indigestible.  There is really a dirty game going on and you cannot expect good results when you ignore merit. A player who delivered the best and proved to be an asset is constantly ignored and a planned scheme is in place to eliminate him permanently.

Giving chances in T20 where one gets only few balls to proof, Fawad Alam played fairly well in Dubai against tough South Africa where his other senior team mates were failed. His record in comparison with other lot selected clearly indicate that a high level of favoritism is in practice in PCB.

Mohsin Hassan Khan who was seen very vocal and honest in TV programs become dirty and corrupt after joining PCB. As a Pakistani I demand reason for ignoring Fawad Alam and including names mentioned below for selection. If proper reason is given then I might be satisfied but the reality is different. The whole selection committee seems a bunch of empty headed individuals being dictated by Ejaz Butt.

I urge all readers to raise their voices as we need to stand for merit and support talented players. I personally don’t want another player like Asim Kamal dropped silently from a team where he is far better than others. We should be against humiliation of true talent.

More Number of Matches      
Player Matches Average   Runs
Fawad Alam 27 37.68   603
Taufiq Umer 19 24.83   447
Yasir Arafat 11 14.8   74
Asad Shafiq 10 23.6   236
Ahmed Shahzad 4 26.5   106
Azhar Ali 0 0   0
Highest Average        
Player Matches Average   Runs
Fawad Alam 27 37.68   603
Ahmed Shahzad 4 26.5   106
Taufiq Umer 19 24.83   447
Asad Shafiq 10 23.6   236
Yasir Arafat 11 14.8   74
Azhar Ali 0 0   0
Number of Runs        
Player Matches Average   Runs
Fawad Alam 27 37.68   603
Ahmed Shahzad 4 26.5   106
Taufiq Umer 19 24.83   447
Asad Shafiq 10 23.6   236
Yasir Arafat 11 14.8   74
Azhar Ali 0 0   0

I am not alone in raising this concern as a link below of famous Dawn Newspaper sometimes back noticed same thing.

The curious case of Fawad Alam


Furthermore, a reliable newspaper revealed that Fawad Alam was dropped due to infigth between some selectors. This is really bad that a talent is suffering from some crazy selectors who have no love for the game.


Pak provisional squad & Fawad Alam

BBC’s blog also indicate anger of cricket lover and understand that the same situation like that of World Cup 1992 when a start performer Javed Miandad was dropped from the squad by Imran Khan claiming he was not fit for the tournament. I really feel that the same regime is incharge at present who dropped Javed Miandad whose performance in World Cup was really a big slap on his critics faces.


Mohsin Khan avoiding press because of his blunder

Mohsin Khan the rubber stamp selector is avoiding press these days as he has no answer for his comic selection for the World Cup. Ingnoring Shoaib Malik and Fawad Alam has no valid reason except some infight of selectors. Mohsin Khan once a clean man who usually appeared on channels for expert comments changed 360 degree after joining PCB. If he is so confident about selection, then he should face media head on. He knows what he did that is why becoming ostrich at present. His claim of Fawad Alam’s form is a big lie when media has access to all record and statistics. The data provided by me in this blog indicates that Mohsin Khan never reviewed statistics nor his selection commitee members.


On the other hand trouble makers of the past are now again listed in probables. This is to be noted that Rana Naveed and Yasir Arafat were in pervious worldcup squads with no impressive performances.

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My Prediction – Final Four of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

My Prediction – Final Four of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

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My Prediction – Final Four of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

I am sure people will raise fingers and will not be happy about my comments, but this is my inner feeling that some tournament favorites will not be in final four of World Cup 2011.

Expected Final Four

Group A

1- Sri Lanka              – Highly talented side with balanced combination

2- Pakistan               -They are highly committed to display very good cricketing skills

Group B

1- England                -Their recent performance in T20 indicates that they will reach final 4

2- South Africa       – This Worldcup will bring more happiness to South African as they will excel

Why not India? – Too much money – Too much cricket

I am not predicting because I am from a rival nation, but the ground realities are not in favor of India. All Indian players are swimming deep in money through commercials and domestic tournaments, their urge and eagerness to deliver well in the world cup is doubtful. Players played too much cricket recently which is taking its toll when senior players are showing signs of strain and tiredness. Their recent and untimely trip to South Africa will be final blow to their preparedness as they are well behind the strength and class of South Africa. If they are defeated badly in this tour, they will not be able to come back to their form needed to lift their moral.

Furthermore, the Indian crowd is too hostile, biased and one sided. We cannot forget semifinal of World Cup 1996 when the match was partially abandoned due to violent reaction of Indian crowd. This alone will keep their team under pressure and India might be displaying the worst ever world cup effort.

Why not Australia? – Not consistent – Not in good colors

Australia is also not up to the mark. Their recent performances are far from perfect; even then they will be a good team to play with. They might give tough time to some of the teams, but their possibility of reaching final four is very low.

Any why Pakistan .. watch this link.. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=190003047678861

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