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Dhaka We Really Miss You – The Fall of Dhaka

All though I was too young to remember the fall of Dhaka but understanding that a larger chunk of Pakistan vanished from the map is really a tragic topic to discuss. The blame game is still on and every one involved in that incident (directly or indirectly) is not ready to accept the responsibility of such a huge loss.

Pakistan’s new generation is clueless about the real situation related to fall of Dhaka, as there are different stories with different perspectives. In my opinion the fall of Dhaka was more severe than Hiroshima and Nagasaki as Pakistan lost its larger population which was responsible for remarkable joint efforts in the creation of Pakistan.

The contribution of our Bengali brothers and sisters in the creation of Pakistan cannot be erased from the history. This is clearly understood that they were pushed to the wall in a way that they were forced to choose an unpleasant exit. Pakistan army experienced humiliation they never expected and were trapped by Indian Army in a very bad situation.

We must forget the related incident without forgetting that the fall of Dhaka resulted in a broken Pakistan. A country was broken in a way that all future hopes of reunification were also shattered. If Bangladesh would have chosen to remain the East Pakistan like North and South Korea or East and West Germany, the reunification efforts could have been made.

Being a Pakistani from a generation not involved in the tragic incident, I want to convey my message to all Bengali brothers and sisters that we really miss you. I wish to start a campaign to spread this message of hope and friendship that may be someday Pakistan will be united again. Even if Bangladesh chooses to remain separate, they should consider changing their name back to East Pakistan. This will surely be a great tribute to all common heroes who contributed positively in the making of separate Muslim state in British India.

Once again I would like to say and want to repeat it every year with love that “Dhaka – We Really Miss You”. I request all Pakistanis to spread this message and use every platform and medium to show our Bengali brothers that we really miss them. I want our media to start a campaign this year or may be next, to motivate all Pakistanis to send cards and garlands to Bangladesh embassy in Pakistan to show their love for their ex Pakistani nationals. After all we share the same history, leaders and religion.


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