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Job demand in UAE

Searching job in UAE (especially in Dubai) is really a tough ask for those who are ill prepared and not familiar with ground realities. Market demand need to be gauged before diving into this market for which latest trends and requirements needs to be analyzed.

Construction Industry jobs

At present there is a strong demand of labor especially related to construction field. Companies having expertise in construction and allied businesses need to prepare and establish themselves in UAE. The reason for expected boom is extra ordinary civil and electrical work planned for infrastructure development of Dubai for Expo 2020. This means that from 2014 we are looking at continuous six years of extra ordinary activity in construction sector. People who wish to cash this opportunity need to learn skills and acquire certifications necessary to fit themselves in such jobs.

Job skills for certified supervisors, foremen, draftsmen, welders, electricians, crane operators, heavy machine operators and drivers will be in great demand. This is to be noted that this is a good opportunity for companies in the manpower supply business as they will be getting ample orders in coming year.

Hospitality Industry jobs

This is expected that from 2014 a lot of companies will be coming to UAE to explore business opportunities. There will be extra ordinary load on travel industry as lot of meetings, seminars and activities are expected which requires regular need of hotels and apartments. UAE has a number of hospitality related avenues like hotels, hotel apartments, restaurants, rent a car, food deliveries, wellness centers, health/fitness facilities. People associated with hospitality industry need to upgrade themselves for such kind of jobs. The main preference is personality and communication skills as lot many foreigners are expected, proficiency in English is a must.

Experience of working in any renowned international chain will be an added advantage. This is expected that hospitality related job will see steep rise by the end of 2014 so there is plenty of time to prepare and get ample experience.

Security and People Management

With a lot of business activities expected, there will surely be huge demand for security personnel. Security Guards and Facility supervisors with knowledge of latest security gadgets will be needed for such jobs. Companies associated with CCTV and allied monitoring systems will be doing good business. This also means that people associated with installation and maintenance of such systems will also be in great demand. Furthermore, private security guards would be needed in large numbers in hotels, apartments, malls and in live events.

People with proper built and physique would be in great demand. Prior experience would be required to control masses in professional manner.

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Find Jobs in new markets – Explore new destinations

Being a Pakistani I am much worried about present situation of my country. In Pakistan, law and order situation is getting worse day by day and people are losing jobs. In this frustrating period we need to think positive and do something good for our nation.

The best approach is sending human resource to outside world in emerging markets to earn good living and run their homes in decent and stable way. With Dubai and Saudi Arabia being closest destination, the tough competition and dropping salaries are making difficult for us to penetrate and secure reasonable jobs. Although we need to explore these markets regularly as still there is plenty of margin to settle, we need to explore new markets too which are growing rapidly.

Following are few exciting destinations that can be explored immediately to secure a prosperous future. There are whole lot jobs from construction to IT and engineering that need to be explored and secured. A bold decision is needed to visit and search for the jobs in these markets. Policies and feasibilities can be made after visiting their official visa/immigration sites.

In my opinion, following destinations will be on world’s radar as the most important destinations for quality jobs.



The ‘new Dubai’? Libya open for business


Singapore economy witnesses record growth


World Cup success kicks off US$ 60 billion projects boom in Qatar

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Low salary jobs in UAE – Ignore or Grab

Due to recent worldwide recession companies are regularly replacing expensive workforce with the cheap one without compromising on quality. Especially in UAE companies even offered fresh contracts to old staff on reduced salaries which were accepted by some employees too. If you read newspaper, there are plenty of jobs but when you reach salary figure you will be disappointed.


In this scenario, experienced workforce who is trapped in high living cost is simply packing up and leaving the country. Some preferred to stay alone and sending families back home to keep their ball rolling and are waiting for the right time.

Although the current scenario seems negative for experienced and highly educated lot, the same is ideal for new entrants. UAE is a country where standards are being followed with all procedures either automated or well documented; making it fairly easy to get going even if you are appointed for a new assignment. The salary scale is too low in some cases that only bachelor or individual can afford expensive living in UAE. This has eliminated chances of tough competition on certain job titles. During this phase companies are more interested in running current operations, instead of enhancing, planning or expanding their business.

Right Approach

Due to recent visa policy of UAE, the residence visa is for the period of two years with no NOC requirement to switch job after two years. This means that if someone joins today even on minimal salary he/she can pass this phase and wait for the completion of two years after which new and high salary job can be searched. The other reason for accepting such job is the prerequisites for high profile jobs like driving license and knowledge of places and areas with in cities. Two year is ample time to fill such gaps and understand market demands.

Hot jobs and their Pay scales

When you look at the classified ads or bigger job advertisements usually placed by hiring agents/headhunters, you will find following jobs in great numbers with fairly low salaries

1-      Accounts                             Salary Range      1500 – 8000 Dirhams per month

2-      Sales                                                                      1500 – 5000

3-      Administration                                                  2500 – 8000

4-      Driving                                                                  1500 – 4000

5-      Construction                                                      1500 – 5000

6-      Skilled/Unskilled Labor                                  1000 – 4000

7-      Management                                                    2500 – 8000

8-      Information Technology                                               1500 – 8000

9-      Teaching and Education                                                1000 – 3500

10-   Housemaids / Servants                                 1000 – 2000

11-   Miscellaneous                                                   1000 – 3000

Cost of Living

The above pay scale clearly indicate the current market condition where even bigger companies know that human resource is available even on these nominal salaries. Recently companies downsized their workforce and replaced old one with the new one on fairly low packages. The question arise that whether the above pay scale is feasible to work in UAE? The answer is yes but with certain conditions.

1-      If you are a bachelor or living alone in UAE – You will make it more feasible when you live in sharing accommodation readily available and advertised in all parts of UAE.

2-      If you are married and your wife is also a working lady – If your kids are not school going

3-      If you are living with your parents or close relatives

4-      If you are living in remote or suburb areas of cities

5-      If you travel on public transport only like Buses and Metro Trains

6-      If you are healthy and maintain your fitness without getting into wrong habits

7-      If you avoid lavish spending and strictly follow your budget

8-      If you save some amount regularly to avoid any mishap or unforeseen incident

9-      If you avoid using credit cards and limit your unnecessary buying and spending

10-   Limit your telephone expenses

11-   Last but not least, avoid penalties and fines. Even crossing road from highway/speedway can cost you 200 Dirhams fine. If you drive car then you will find radars and other speed monitoring devices that can fine you for over speeding up to 600 Dirhams in some cases means greater chunk of your salary.


There are multiple choices of residence

1-      Working and Living in Dubai – Dubai is a costly city where even one room apartment will be available for around 2500/5000 Dirhams per month. For bachelors, rooms of bed space sharing options are available in various areas of Dubai. Good room in neat and clean building is about 1500 Dirhams per month, while room sharing / bed space sharing can cost you from 250 to 1000 Dirhams per month depending upon locality, persons per room and building condition.

2-      The most preferred option of low income group is living in Sharjah, a city adjacent to Dubai. Sharjah has more choices of variety of real estate from luxurious to ordinary living places. The cost of living is 40% lower than Dubai in some areas. Even highly paid employees are living in Sharjah where they get double accommodation in the same price as compared to Dubai. The only problem is daily travelling between Sharjah and Dubai that becomes worse in peak hours.

3-      Northern Emirates – Ajman and other cities are good for cheaper options as people move towards these cities to arrange spacious apartments for their families. You will have to add one more hour to your daily travelling if you live in Northern Emirates.

There is a simple comparison chart below that can give you proper idea of accommodation available Per annum on rent
Accommodation                              Dubai                                    Sharjah                                 Ajman / North

Studio (1 Room Apartments)      25000-90000                       11000-25000                       9000-15000
1 Bedroom + Hall                              30000-150000                     14000-28000                       13000-22000
2 Bedroom + Hall                              40000-190000                     25000-50000                       20000-40000
3 Bedroom + Hall                              75000-250000                     45000-90000                       30000-50000

Note: Abu Dhabi has very limited residence options with cost of living 30% more than Dubai


Although Dubai is an expensive city but has more transport options available as compared to other emirates. Dubai is known for organized bus routes, large pool of well-maintained and punctual busses, efficient metro train and highly maintained taxis including water taxis. If you don’t have your own transport, it is better you should spend more on accommodation and live in Dubai. If you prefer travelling through public transport, then you will have to purchase a plastic card known as NOL card to travel either by bus or metro train. You can purchase if from major bus stand, metro station and Spinneys supermarkets. The minimum cost is 20 dirhams with one way travelling from approx. 2 dirhams and above. You are warned not to travel without cards or with insufficient balance to avoid heavy penalties in case of random checking of officials. All cards can be topped up at machines installed on various bus stops.

If you are living in Sharjah and doing job in Dubai then you should consider places where you can easily commute between these cities. This is to be noted that using taxi to commute between Sharjah and Dubai is not feasible as there are additional 20 Dirhams charged on each trip, which can disturb your budget. If you wish to save money and live in Sharjah then following three options are suggested to minimize your suffering.

1-      Jubail Intercity Bus Station – Situated near fairly affordable community of Sharjah commonly known as Rolla.  You may look for cheaper but decent accommodation around Abu Shagara and Al Qasmiya areas for easy access to Jubail Station. Following are intercity bus schedule (courtesy http://www.dubaifaqs.com )

Route From To Via First Last Duration Frequency
E301 Gold Souq Al Jubail   0630 2300 40-60 mins 30 minutes
E301 Al Jubail Gold Souk   0600 2230 50-70 mins 30 minutes
E302 Al Karama Rolla Sq   0645 2245 35-70 mins 30 minutes
E302 Rolla Square Al Karama   0615 2245 50-70 mins 30 minutes
E303 Baniyas Sq Deira Al Jubail   0600 2350 35 minutes 10 minutes
E303 Al Jubail Baniyas Sq Deira   0530 2350 45-50 mins 10 minutes
E304 Satwa Rolla Square   0630 2230 50-80 mins 30 minutes
E304 Rolla Square Satwa   0630 2230 60-90 mins 30 minutes
E305 Ittihad Square Al Jubail   0600 2350 40-50 mins 10 minutes
E305 Al Jubail Etihad Square   0545 2355 50-70 mins 10 minutes
E306 Al Ghubaiba Al Jubail   0600 2330 40-50 mins 10 minutes
E306 Al Jubail Al Ghubaibah   0600 2340 50-60 mins 10 minutes
E307³ Al Muraqqabat Al Jubail   0630 2200 30-40 mins 12-15 mins
E307³ Al Jubail Al Muraqabat   0715 2200 40-45 mins 12-15 mins
E308 Jebel Ali main gate Al Jubail   0715 2115 55-90 mins 1 hour
E308 Al Jubail Jebel Ali main gate   0545 2245 75-120 mins 1 hour
E309³ Al Ittihad Sq Al Wasit Square   0630 2210 40-60 mins 20 minutes
E309³ Al Waset Square Al Etihad Sq   0610 2210 70-75 mins 20 minutes
E311 Al Ghusais Al Jubail          
E311 Al Jubail Al Ghusais          
  Night Service            
E306 Al Ghubaiba Al Jubail   2300 2400 35 minutes 10 minutes
E306 Al Ghubaiba Al Jubail   2400 0530 35 minutes 30 minutes
E306 Al Jubail Al Ghubaibah   2300 2400 40 minutes 10 minutes
E306 Al Jubail Al Ghubaibah   2400 0530 40 minutes 30 minutes


2-      Living in areas inside Sharjah which are adjacent to Dubai can also save you time and money. Areas like Nahda, Taawun and Sharjah Industrial Area (Close to city border with Dubai) are available on reasonable terms for both families and bachelors. People simply walk out of Sharjah and enter into Dubai to take benefit of efficient Dubai transport system. Buses reach stops fairly regularly and punctually, ensuring timely attendance at offices. For labor class and low income group, area around National Paint Factory is well known. You may find fairly cheap but spacious accommodation in this area.

3-      Third option is living on proper bus routes and near taxi stands. People often prefer parks and open spaces, but ensuring that you are near to Taxi stand and Bus stop will save you from lot of hassle. You need to ensure that your journey is limited to one or two bus change, otherwise it is better to go on taxi as there will be no difference.

Following websites will help you plan your journey



The above information compiled is for better understanding and making feasibility before deciding to work in UAE. The accuracy of information can be verified from relevant websites. I hope this will help in your future and will make you a more confident job seeker/ employee in UAE.

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Career Opportunities in UAE – Way forward

UAE is really a land of opportunities. Whether you are a businessman, student, labor, professional or otherwise, UAE provide extra ordinary opportunities to shine with full concentration on your domain. In recent years Dubai emerged as a key destination constantly visible in business radar of the world. The city is transforming itself into a technically equipped with most of the impressive automates services in the world. On the other hand Abu Dhabi is the most stable city with bustling businesses and career opportunities.  In this write up I will sum up few points for those who are seriously thinking of landing in UAE for career opportunities.


Most of the individuals landing in UAE lack preparedness in terms of qualification, skills and certifications needed to get going in the job market. There are key areas which are constantly in demand of human resource which need to be focused to get jobs on time. A large number of individuals come on tourist visa for minimum 30 days which is really insufficient, especially if one has no prior interview setup or meetings arranged. Breaking ice in UAE market is a tough task. Secondly the prerequisites are so much that one cannot imagine fulfilling all those in 30 days.  


People who land in UAE for job opportunities don’t focus on certain job titles, instead they start sending and dropping CVs for every job opportunity they read. One must evaluate skills needed for the selected opportunity and change tone of a CV to exactly match the requirement. If a person is over qualified for the position interested in, he/she should draft a summarized version of CV not emphasizing on advanced skills. If you are under qualified then never exaggerate your skills, instead emphasize that you will cover short comings in lesser period of time.

Personal contacts

Before planning your visit for job hunting, sort a list of contacts you already have in UAE in terms of friends, relatives and colleagues who can help you or guide you in the market. Furthermore, if you have residence arrangement with your friends or relatives then you will be able to concentrate more on your job hunting instead of wasting time in finding living place. When you plan to visit ask your relative or friend to arrange a mobile phone + sim for you so that you can use the number in your CV. The mobile-sim can be easily purchased when you land in UAE. This is the first thing you should do before initiating your hunting. Carrying your personal mobile and changing sim is recommended; otherwise you will have to spend a good chunk of your money to buy one from the market.

Applying for the job

When you start applying, first of all create multiple physical copies of your CV especially couple of other versions for different job titles you can handle. Never mess up your application with multiple job titles. The best way to start searching is going through newspapers and classified sections. Furthermore, there are number of websites announcing job openings. You may also contact recruiting firms but be sure as there are quacks around to grab money the moment you walk in to their office. Any recruitment firm claiming even minimal amount in first meeting should be avoided as most of them are fake and simply misguide individuals.

Map of UAE

Wikimapia.org is a best source of getting clear view of UAE. You may browse all major cities, landmarks and locations before landing in UAE. Most of the visitors land in Dubai as the city has more businesses and job opportunities than other states. Google earth can also be checked for proper guidance. Secondly you should visit RTA website which has a feature namely “journey planner” which may be visited to see maps and routes of buses. This is good idea to be prepared regarding roads, markets and business hubs.

Be presentable

Talk nice and dress nice even if you are applying for an ordinary job. Cleanliness is a must and selection of proper dress for relevant job title can also help in attracting your employer. Whenever you are called for an interview, do visit the company’s website and go through the introduction and other information available on the net about the company. During interviews establish proper eye contact and communicate confidently with interviewer(s). Be loud, clear and attentive. Always take your CV in proper file in multiple copies. The copies should be the same you sent via email or courier.  Distribute these copies preferably in plastic file to all interviewers so that they can write their points on it. Convince your interviewer that you are keen to join and work hard for cementing place in the organization. Never plead or degrade yourself, instead communicate with authority and confidence.

Documents Required – Important step never omit to avoid failure

If you have decided to go to UAE you should have proper educational documents properly endorsed from UAE Consulate/Embassy near to you. You can visit Bukhari Travels with your documents to understand current requirements as they provide verification services for UAE Consulate in Pakistan.  To be precise, in Pakistan, educational documents need to be attested from HEC – Higher Education Commission prior to submission to consulate for which service of FedEx courier is required.  After this phase make an Arabic translation of your final educational document. Verified documents along with translation need to be endorsed from Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is a one day process if you reach there on time. In Pakistan we get used to agents who ensure timely completion of formalities with some additional cost if you are in a hurry but make sure you leave documents with proper agent (Get their mobile number and visit their office to be sure you can catch him later). Carrying attested documents with you will help you process your employment visa on time otherwise this may take weeks and may irk your potential employer. This is one of the key reasons candidates fails to materialize job offers due to lack of document preparedness.

All above points are necessary to increase your chances of getting better opportunity in UAE. Job seekers should also visit other cities like Sharjah, Ras Al Khaima and Fujaira to increase chances of getting jobs quickly.

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