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Failure of Interior Ministry – There was no Plan-B for Ashura Procession

Pakistan is a country where governments fail to learn from their experience. After the tragic murder of Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto, country faced the worst riots of its history. People were looking for law enforcing agencies which were vanished from the scene and caged inside their facilities. The innocent citizens were left on the mercy of rioters who freely looted them and destroyed their property. The writ of the government was no where during whole episode. The excuse was acceptable, as the event was an unexpected one and people digested their excuse.

But this time our Interior Minister failed to convince that he had every thing under control. There is no doubt about that that there was no PLAN-B. Everyone was so confident that nothing will happen as they thought that security was more than sufficient. People of Pakistan failed to understand that what was discussed during long meetings with law enforcing agencies? The law enforcing agencies although vigilant during the procession, they were clueless after bomb blast. They were unable to hold rioters as there were not clear instructions about how to tackle mobs and rioters.

This is a real fact that Pakistan has no Riot Police specially trained to control riots and protest. There are no water jets, no rubber bullets, no protection shields, and no vehicles to control such violent individuals. Furthermore, the crime committed in terms of burning properties in front of law enforcing agencies clearly exposed that there are no SOPs for our Police and Rangers. They sometimes act as witness or just robots standing and waiting for instructions.

This is not the first time such incident happened as the country is used to such situation. We have seen the same during other similar incidents. Citizens of Pakistan want to know that what exactly our Interior Ministry is doing. Whether people in charge are competent enough to run this ministry? In my humble opinion the ministries should be shuffled immediately and someone having proper education regarding security of such a difficult country could be handled properly.

In the era of information technology, our Minister was never seen with laptop in any of the meetings. This clearly shows that they never work on any concrete plan and expecting miracles from others. Peoples Party should take immediate notice of failed ministries to bring back normality in the country. The said minister should be made ministry of poultry affairs as he can efficiently tell us how many eggs were laid and how many hens died.


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Bomb blast in Karachi-Pakistan during Muharram/Ashura Procession

The tragic bomb blast in Muharram/Ashura procession in Karachi is really bad for the city which was trying hard to remain calm and peaceful. There is no doubt about the security measures taken but such a large procession is really hard to manage. In my previous post some months back View Post , I urged authorities to disallow such large processions in view of the safety of the citizens but due to association of followers with such events, the same could not be considered.

At present our leaders both religious and political should stop large gatherings and instead go for some symbolic ones until the security situation is clear. We are likely to see similar kind of incidents, as miscreants are always looking for such soft targets.

May Allah keep us united and alert.

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Violence in Karachi

Karachi the biggest and busiest city of Pakistan is currently facing new wave of violence. This is shameful that our law enforcing agencies were unable to predict and avert such incidents. This is repeatedly observed that our law enforcing agencies are reactive not proactive that results in too much losses of life and property. There is no standard operational procedure and our police is under trained, under qualified and under paid as well. The mounting magnitude of corruption is so visible that taking bribes is pride now and they have no hesitation asking money from the citizens.

Unfortunately there is no check and balance. This is visible that the city is heavily paying rangers and police for their protection but they rather acted unprofessionally by staying away from riots and looting. The recent bank robberies, car snatching and drug trafficking clearly indicates that some elements in law enforcing agencies are protecting bad guys.

The rapidly changing situation of our city is alarming for peaceful citizens and open and violent attacks are more than threatening for the future of this city. Pakistan cannot afford to halt activities in Karachi at this stage. This seems visible that Pakistan is under severe attack from outside and inside its border. The recent attempts to calm situation seem very mild as compared to the gravity of situation.

We all need to be extra careful about ourselves and our love ones.

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