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Bomb blast in Karachi-Pakistan during Muharram/Ashura Procession

The tragic bomb blast in Muharram/Ashura procession in Karachi is really bad for the city which was trying hard to remain calm and peaceful. There is no doubt about the security measures taken but such a large procession is really hard to manage. In my previous post some months back View Post , I urged authorities to disallow such large processions in view of the safety of the citizens but due to association of followers with such events, the same could not be considered.

At present our leaders both religious and political should stop large gatherings and instead go for some symbolic ones until the security situation is clear. We are likely to see similar kind of incidents, as miscreants are always looking for such soft targets.

May Allah keep us united and alert.


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Violence in Karachi – Whats next??

The recent wave of violence once again crippled the economic backbone of Pakistan. The highly populated city with major slice of educated citizens is hostage to unknown bandits and terrorists.

When I was driving car back home yesterday I was constantly getting calls from home as my family was worried after getting reports of violence. This is unfortunately true that from my route from II Chundrigar road to Gulshan I observed that there was not a single mobile of either Police or Rangers. The street lights were off and it was showing horror movie like situtation.

Who is in charge of Karachi?? Where is the writ of the government?? I could not see. The sense of security was missing so the security personnel.

The main reason for these violence is the undertstanding of the weaknessess of our law enforcing agencies. The terrorists and culprits are well aware of the strength of our law enforcing agencies who come out to grab innocent citizens and mint money for their own pockets. The recent ban on pillion riding opened door of earnings to police who were spotted arresting innocent youths even riding close to their homes.

The present state of law and order situation clearly exposed that our law enforcing agencies are niether proactive nor reactive. They are simply a symbolic force just to show thier very existence which is meaningless.

The only protected areas are Army installations and colonies which enjoys total safety and protection.

Lets pray for the betterment of the city. All we can do is to be careful and stay close to our families. Pakistan is not meant for peaceful citizens nowadays.

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Violence in Karachi

Karachi the biggest and busiest city of Pakistan is currently facing new wave of violence. This is shameful that our law enforcing agencies were unable to predict and avert such incidents. This is repeatedly observed that our law enforcing agencies are reactive not proactive that results in too much losses of life and property. There is no standard operational procedure and our police is under trained, under qualified and under paid as well. The mounting magnitude of corruption is so visible that taking bribes is pride now and they have no hesitation asking money from the citizens.

Unfortunately there is no check and balance. This is visible that the city is heavily paying rangers and police for their protection but they rather acted unprofessionally by staying away from riots and looting. The recent bank robberies, car snatching and drug trafficking clearly indicates that some elements in law enforcing agencies are protecting bad guys.

The rapidly changing situation of our city is alarming for peaceful citizens and open and violent attacks are more than threatening for the future of this city. Pakistan cannot afford to halt activities in Karachi at this stage. This seems visible that Pakistan is under severe attack from outside and inside its border. The recent attempts to calm situation seem very mild as compared to the gravity of situation.

We all need to be extra careful about ourselves and our love ones.

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