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Important for all. You can save your life if properly educated

Important for all. You can save your life if properly educated.


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Important for all. You can save your life if properly educated

Our country is constantly under threat of terrorist attacks. We regularly hear news of bomb blasts or target killings. We need to educate our people to be alert and responsive to save their precious lives. I have seen couple of videos on youtube.com which are very important for citizens to educate themselves in the event of attack. I pray for well being and safety of our citizens. I urge all to share this blog post as much as possible as this might save precious lives if someone get a chance to help someone in trouble.

1- How to survive a serious wound

2- How to survive if kidnapped

3- How to survive if caught in Fire

There are many important videos on Howcast.com that can educate you to survive in different other situations including aircrash.

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Unrest in Baluchistan – Immediate steps needed

There is no second opinion that the province of Baluchistan was never given its due share on the basis of its extreme natural resources. Being a Pakistani I really feel bad when we take benefit of Sui Gas but majority of Baluchistan is deprived of this natural resource getting out of its land and benefiting rest of Pakistan.

The excuse given by our rules from last many decades is baseless and clear injustice. Our beloved province need a fair share and could have been turned in to a highly developed province. As a Pakistani, I should raise voice for my fellow brothers. The current unrest and law and order situation can be dealt with rapid pace of development and more logical implementation of rules to compensate losses to our deprived province.

If still our rules give cold shoulder to long debated rights of Baluchistan, we might see another displeasing episode like Bangladesh. Its better late than never, we should come up with a logical and acceptable solutions to the problems of Baluchistan in extreme urgent mode.

1-      All leaders involved in separatist movements must be given pardon and offer control of their respective areas under new agreement that they will surely cooperate with government in developing modern villages and small cities where amenities will be available especially gas and electricity. These cities and developed areas should be in the central location of each territory where these leaders should ensure that maximum people migrate to these towns/villages. This will ensure government to distribute gas pipelines and electrical connections easily.

2-      All registered citizens should be offered special rates of gas and electricity which should be far lower than other provinces. Gas cylinder distribution network should be established for areas not accessible through gas lines.

3-      Special task force should be formed to compensate losses occurred due to military operations and other anti-terror activities.

4-      This should be ensured that maximum number of Baluchis are appointed in Sui and Gawadar with special training given to cover any short comings.

5-      All lands allotments should be fair and impartial with top priority to Baluch residents.

6-      Special seats for Baluchi students should be announced immediately in all major universities of Pakistan, with special fee and incentives given. Furthermore, a campaign should be launched to invite all corporates to sponsor at least 10 students of the whole country, especially from Baluchistan for full free education.

7-      Province of Baluchistan should be given due share and royalty of all resources explored and being used by Federal Government.

8-      Immediate recruitment of Baluchistan’s youths in Army in fair number to counter future unrest and anti-state activities.

All above immediate measures if taken seriously can buy time for Government to settle unrest in the province that may lead to greater separatist movements. We all love our country and want to be fair with our fellow citizens. I hope that the Government of Pakistan will take immediate steps to counter anti state elements who seems to be gaining strength in recent days by destroying gas supply lines regularly.

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In search of a true leader for Pakistan

When we talk about leader we merely think of a public figure who is charismatic and good speaker. A person who can mold hearts and minds and can hypnotized his/her followers. We all should come out of this illusion now as we spent lot of time on such type of leaders who present dreams and drag us to follow them to reach the reality without any concrete plan or track.

Pakistan as a nation has seen lot many respectable leaders who were clean, clear and undisputed. Leaders who were part of Pakistan movement were of prime level and we have not seen any of such level after they were criminally eliminated from the scene.

Now we should put forward our demands which can be formed as a concrete document. This document can be used as a checklist for our leaders in next elections. If they fail to convince us, then we should give vote to only those who commit themselves to this checklist.

I invite all of you to contribute in making a comprehensive document to bring back real Pakistan in front of the world.

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MQM and Jamat-e-Islami side by side – We hope for a Corruption Free Pakistan

This is really good news that long rivals sat together to move forward and erase differences between them. This is real fact that both MQM and Jamat-e-Islami consist of a large number of educated individuals who were groomed and promoted as a party leaders. Their presence in media and solid debate on issue proves that they are prepared and talented individuals.

JI long served Karachi along with MQM and citizens benefit from their rivalry as both tried to excel in their respective tenures in local government. People have no doubt about contribution of Naimatullah Advocate and Syed Mustafa Kamal. This is in the best interest of Pakistan that these two parties resolve their differences and join hands for the betterment of Pakistan. Believe me if these two parties form a major chunk of next government, they have guts and plans to make Pakistan a clean and law abiding country.

Although Jamat-e-Islami is always seen as protesting party, they are also known for their preparedness on different subjects. The party has largest pool of aggressive workers with strong penetration in youths around Pakistan. Nobody in the history blamed JI for corruption and wrong doing. They are only criticized for their bent towards religion and religious parties. This is also known that the party has great penetration in Army since Zia ul Haq days.

MQM has seen lots of ups and downs and were constantly blamed for militancy within their ranks. In early 90s they faces an operation too and still considered by their opponents as a violent and aggressive party. Even then MQM has produced a series of leaders who were never caught on corruption.

I personally feel that this is high time that MQM also resolve its differences with Imran Khan in the best interest of Pakistan.  If MQM – JI and Tehrik-e-Insaf join hands, they can easily make Pakistan a forward looking and corruption free country. I urge all party leaders of MQM JI and TIP to resolve all their differences and prepare them for the next election under one platform. I can bet that they will clean sweep the whole Pakistan.

Pakistanis know that when PPP and PML-N can join hands for all the wrong reasons, why not these parties join hands for a very important cause. A Corruption Free Pakistan.

Reference Dawn News – http://www.dawn.com/2010/12/22/mqm-ji-discuss-political-situation.html

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My Prediction – Final Four of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

I am sure people will raise fingers and will not be happy about my comments, but this is my inner feeling that some tournament favorites will not be in final four of World Cup 2011.

Expected Final Four

Group A

1- Sri Lanka              – Highly talented side with balanced combination

2- Pakistan               -They are highly committed to display very good cricketing skills

Group B

1- England                -Their recent performance in T20 indicates that they will reach final 4

2- South Africa       – This Worldcup will bring more happiness to South African as they will excel

Why not India? – Too much money – Too much cricket

I am not predicting because I am from a rival nation, but the ground realities are not in favor of India. All Indian players are swimming deep in money through commercials and domestic tournaments, their urge and eagerness to deliver well in the world cup is doubtful. Players played too much cricket recently which is taking its toll when senior players are showing signs of strain and tiredness. Their recent and untimely trip to South Africa will be final blow to their preparedness as they are well behind the strength and class of South Africa. If they are defeated badly in this tour, they will not be able to come back to their form needed to lift their moral.

Furthermore, the Indian crowd is too hostile, biased and one sided. We cannot forget semifinal of World Cup 1996 when the match was partially abandoned due to violent reaction of Indian crowd. This alone will keep their team under pressure and India might be displaying the worst ever world cup effort.

Why not Australia? – Not consistent – Not in good colors

Australia is also not up to the mark. Their recent performances are far from perfect; even then they will be a good team to play with. They might give tough time to some of the teams, but their possibility of reaching final four is very low.

Any why Pakistan .. watch this link.. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=190003047678861

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Regional Police Network – Proposed Security Solution for Pakistan

Pakistan should really think of Regional Police Network, an easy and applicable solution for current law and order situation of the country. All cities should have their separate Police, recruiting locally available human resource well aware of regional issues and crime centers. These individual regions should be connected through Information Technology with other entities reporting to Central Command and Control System.

Current Police System should be abolished immediately

Since population of Pakistan has increased considerably, the presence of current police system is useless. Presently the police recruits are mostly from one province with most of them not familiar with city life and its demands. The uneducated Police with a large pool of corrupt elements failed to tackle the more scientifically committed crimes creating a great gap of understanding of ground realities. Criminals are well aware of ill preparedness of Police, therefore committing crime with considerable ease and regularity. This is understood that currently Police is mostly used for protocol reasons, not spending required time for the protection and wellbeing of citizens.

Armed Forces should be involved in selection and preparation of RPN

The main success of Pakistan Army is because of its merit based selection. The selection and recruitment process is so strict that there is no leniency or compromise even if someone falls little short of demand. Proper family background, understanding of local population and maps, clear understanding of languages spoken in recruitment area, professional commitment and sincerity should be judged through interviews, tests and assignments. There should be minimum education limit of Matric for entry level positions up to Graduation and Masters for senior positions.

If Armed forces manage to prepare and create effective RPN, they will be relieved from law enforcement duties within cities and other areas. This will help them concentrate of their actual duties of guarding the frontiers of beloved nation.

Involvement of NADRA for recording crimes and FIRs

Due to extra ordinary services of NADRA in CNIC (Computerized National ID Cards) and Machine Readable Passports, NADRA is undisputed choice for automation crimes and criminals database. Furthermore, NADRA should be engaged to automate all jails, courts and related departments for seamless operations with connectivity to all relevant databases being used in other domains. United Nations, United States and other developed countries pushing Pakistan for the fight against terror should seriously convince and fund Pakistan to move in this direction with rapid pace. This is the only way they can make Pakistan safer for them and the whole world.

Construction of Law Enforcing Complex

This is strongly suggested that a unique concept of Law Enforcing Complex should be introduced in every city with main facilities like Police Head Quarter, Secure Lockups, Full fledge Jails, Courts for speedy trials, Hospital, Training Complex, Media Center, Forensic Laboratories, Investigation Center, Public Support Desk, Emergency Response Center, Call Center and IT Departments. The complex should have a nearby residential complex with in a secured compound wall for families of Police Department. All amenities like school, colleges and clinics should be made available for families of Police Department.

Having all facilities under one roof will reduce a lot of expenses especially when convicted persons are moved between lockups/jails and courts. The complex should be made with fool proof security with latest gadgets and tools to ensure safety of facility, inmates and families.

Life insurance and family protection schemes

All those who are appointed in RPN should be given full assurance of ample coverage. Insurance and family protection should be ensured in case of any live threatening incident. Salaries of Police recruits should be similar to Armed Forces with nearly similar facilities and incentives as their job is equally important. Special schools should be established purely for Police staff children with Free/Subsidized education to ensure that staff gives full attention to their tasks.

Meetings and Association with locals

Regular open door sessions should be arranged in all administrative areas and Police Stations nationwide on routine basis to meet with people living around these stations. There should be a drop box in front of every Police Station, Airport, Markets and Parks for anonymous complains and concerns. People in this way may be able to identify suspicious activities in their surroundings and inform Police well in advance for necessary action.

Digital Maps and Numbering of Locations for rapid response

Regional Police should have digital maps with devices like IPhones or otherwise to keep track of areas with in their jurisdictions.  Special mobile teams should be trained for immediate response within the range of their respective police stations in minimal possible time.

Separate Unit for Protocols and Convoy Protection

There should be a separate force within RPN for VIP Protocols and Convoy Protection and for other similar tasks only. These units should not affect normal operations of Police. This will ensure full strength engaged in law enforcing and crime response and tracking duties.

Fenced Cities and Urban Settlements (Katchi Abadis)

Even developed cities like Dubai are fenced to control abnormal movement of people across cities. This helps in tracking spots for movement of criminals and suspects. Especially all Kutchi Abadis / Settlements should be fenced with Police units engaged in monitoring ins and outs. Since these settlements are safe havens for criminals, fencing these will help in coordinated and easy checks. Fences can also be built on routes expected to be used for smuggling and drug/weapon trafficking

Permission of Processions and Rallies on the basis of available strength

Police should not be engaged in unnecessary events like religious or political rallies and gatherings. All such events should be permitted on the basis of available workforce in relevant areas. After careful evaluation of strength a number of persons should be allowed to attend such rallies. In countries like Saudi Arab, United Arab Emirates and other major Islamic countries, there is no permission for such kind of rallies which are not even legal in religion.

This will help country save billions of rupees burned for such unnecessary events. Even if such events are necessary the organizers should be responsible for gathering more than allowed individuals. There should be a short and restricted route not affecting traffic flow and routine of citizens. Any organization or group going against law should be banned immediately and organizers arrested.

Riot Control Force

This has been observed in recent years that public turn violent after tragic incidents. They take law and order in their hands and destroy public and government properties. They also endanger lives of citizen by pelting stones and burning vehicles. A special unit of Riot Force with immediate response and control capabilities should be prepared with Police department. All new equipment like water jets, plastic bullets and bullet proof vests should be provided.

This is understood that every area is special and need utmost attention and preparedness. I tried to put on paper whatever I think for the improvement of Police department in Pakistan. We all being concerned Pakistanis pray for the betterment and wellbeing of our fellow citizens. Our government and their well-wishers should seriously think on these grounds to make Pakistan a safer and prosperous country.

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My Green Dream Team for Cricket World Cup 2011

With ICC World Cup 2011 fast approaching, this is obvious that all teams are working hard to be the best. The only team which is not focused due to variety of reasons is Pakistan. From last couple of years, non-cricketing incidents, internal rifts, spot fixing and other issues hampered focused approach towards World Cup. Pakistan is under fire on international level and friendly fire from inside which spoiled the very game we all are fond of. Being a Pakistani I am optimistic that our team will come out of it and will perform better than expected.

This is quite true that in last two world cups, Pakistan despite presence of prominent stars failed to perform well. Although on paper our teams were A-One but their internal differences, professional jealousies, in fights and unprofessional approach paid heavy price. We lost key stars in terms of early retirements, our popular coach died and our team lost their association with nation.

In recent past Pakistan was unable to play any international cricket in front of home crowd after major security lapse when Sri Lankan team was attacked. Since then Pakistan is playing international cricket in more hostile environments where Pakistan faces media challenges in terms of negative coverage of their activities.

In my opinion, Pakistan is not under pressure in terms of being considered as favorites, but every team member should realize that our nation needs this cup to lift their moral. After Asian Games win, we can say that Hockey has played its part along with Squash and other sports, but its time for Cricket.

After watching recent series one must say that this is high time to finalize our squad so each member should focus on their preparation and put cent per cent effort. Being a close follower of cricket in all dark and bright days my dream team is as follows.

1-      Muhammad Hafeez – He is a useful all-rounder showed some maturity recently

2-      Taufiq Umar – He has produced some promising opening partnerships with Muhammad Hafeez

3-      Asad Shafiq – Can be used as a wicket keeper. He is a good batsman with excellent technique

4-      Younus Khan – Highly experienced player and motivator plus a reliable slip fielder

5-      Fawad Alam – Played some exciting knocks in Dubai and showed patience on crease

6-      Misbah ul Haq – Highly experienced and senior player can become a backbone of middle order

7-      Umar Akmal – Explosive and Talented player who can lift the game for team

8-      Abdul Razzak – Highly dangerous player who can single handedly win games for Pakistan

9-      Shahid Afridi – Motivator and peaceful captain with all-round capabilities

10-   Abdul Rehman – Showed his strength with ball and bat showed more maturity than Saeed Ajmal

11-   Umer Gul – Highly competitive cricketer. His record is great and bowled exciting spells recently.

12-   Shoaib Akhtar – Not as good as he used to be but still a threat to opponents.

13-   Tanveer Ahmed – Displayed excellent bowling skills in dead pitch of Abu Dhabi recently

14-   Sohail Tanveer – A good player of T20 and One-days and explosive batsman

15-   Wahab Riaz – Emerging all-rounder, little damped by injury and controversies but showed promise

I know that my team might not be the exact one selected by our selection committee but I feel that much of my players will be part of the team. We all should pray for their success and encourage them as they need our faith and support again.

Wish you all the best – My team “Pakistan”.

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Failure of Interior Ministry – There was no Plan-B for Ashura Procession

Pakistan is a country where governments fail to learn from their experience. After the tragic murder of Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto, country faced the worst riots of its history. People were looking for law enforcing agencies which were vanished from the scene and caged inside their facilities. The innocent citizens were left on the mercy of rioters who freely looted them and destroyed their property. The writ of the government was no where during whole episode. The excuse was acceptable, as the event was an unexpected one and people digested their excuse.

But this time our Interior Minister failed to convince that he had every thing under control. There is no doubt about that that there was no PLAN-B. Everyone was so confident that nothing will happen as they thought that security was more than sufficient. People of Pakistan failed to understand that what was discussed during long meetings with law enforcing agencies? The law enforcing agencies although vigilant during the procession, they were clueless after bomb blast. They were unable to hold rioters as there were not clear instructions about how to tackle mobs and rioters.

This is a real fact that Pakistan has no Riot Police specially trained to control riots and protest. There are no water jets, no rubber bullets, no protection shields, and no vehicles to control such violent individuals. Furthermore, the crime committed in terms of burning properties in front of law enforcing agencies clearly exposed that there are no SOPs for our Police and Rangers. They sometimes act as witness or just robots standing and waiting for instructions.

This is not the first time such incident happened as the country is used to such situation. We have seen the same during other similar incidents. Citizens of Pakistan want to know that what exactly our Interior Ministry is doing. Whether people in charge are competent enough to run this ministry? In my humble opinion the ministries should be shuffled immediately and someone having proper education regarding security of such a difficult country could be handled properly.

In the era of information technology, our Minister was never seen with laptop in any of the meetings. This clearly shows that they never work on any concrete plan and expecting miracles from others. Peoples Party should take immediate notice of failed ministries to bring back normality in the country. The said minister should be made ministry of poultry affairs as he can efficiently tell us how many eggs were laid and how many hens died.

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Growing number of illegal mosques in Karachi

Religion is the most critical topic to discuss in Pakistan. When it comes to criminal activities associated with religious figures or parties, there is a complete silence and restraint. No one is willing to speak or pinpoint any thing that is going wrong and harmful for the citizens. Our love for the religion is not taken seriously and we feel like hostage to some disputed clerics/religious figures.

In recent days especially after the events of 9/11, the inclination of common Muslims towards religion increased to a very large extent. This inclination prompts some quacks that started cashing this new trend. Every one was interested in knowing more about the religion but this has created a great business opportunity for quacks.

This is to be noted that in recent days, lot many illegal mosques were erected. In city like Karachi where there is already ample number of mosques in major densely populated areas, there is no need of additional mosques. The new mosques are being opened rapidly by illegally converting residential plots, shopping centers, bungalows, and alike.

This is a fact that our Prophet (peace be upon him) constructed first mosque after purchasing land from the owners. This example is not being following by their so called followers.

Most of the newly constructed illegal mosques are clearly violating civic laws and have no certificate from KBCA or other authorities. In my humble opinion all those religious organizations registering these mosques should be warned and given legal notice to either close these mosques or amalgamate these in nearby legal facilities. If they fail to do so, then legal action should be taken and their right to register these mosques should be taken back. Furthermore, many trusts are being registered with the name of these illegal mosques by government authorities. These authorities must ensure that the mosques are not erected on illegal plots or facilities.

The other important issue is illegal use of loudspeakers that has made life of nearby residence miserable. The loudspeakers are used to run tapes for hours. This is strongly suggested that loudspeakers should be allowed for Azan or announcement only. The rules do exist which should be strictly enforced, otherwise registration of these organizations should be suspended.

If proper action is not take, I am afraid the city will see a new wave of sectarian violence, which will be beyond control of the law enforcing agencies. We are Muslims and love our religion and know what is right and what is wrong. We must discourage these elements by boycotting them and avoiding help or funding to such illegal elements. Supporting such elements is a crime and sin and we must not fell in the trap. May Allah SWT give us guidance.

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